what a disaster

Last night after work I met Court at King of Prussia for the Bloomingdale's sale. I got there a little early, so I hit up Urban Outfitters which was my first mistake. I tried on a bunch of things but nothing really stood out (probably because I already own like all of the Lux dresses...). I did think this dress was pretty adorable:

But unfortunately it wasn't $118 adorable. I do love the color though. And the buttons. And the neckline. OH GOOD GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?

I have successfully avoided the graphic tee's from Urban. They are cute and sure, sometimes they say funny things about peace and Obama, but I never found one that seemed worth the rather steep price. Until last night...

How could I resist? I know real dead heads would probably make fun of me for buying a shirt from Urban, but hopefully real dead heads don't shop at Urban and won't know...

I also picked up a really pretty teal suede shoulder bag with a ton of fringe. It is such a beautiful teal color. Can't find a picture of it anywhere... (But we did get the damaged camera back and it's all better so maybe I'll actually start to use it...)

Thank goodness Courtney showed up because I was going a little crazy with the pre-shopping. We headed over to Bloomingdale's. I tried on a bunch of things, mostly dresses, and I wasn't too impressed. I did love and end up getting this beautiful French Connection ombre halter dress:

It's called the Pretty Grunge Halter Dress, which is adorable. And those bows!!

I really wanted this Free People dress I saw some adorable girl wearing at the Bike Race on Sunday. They have it in white and red, and in the store they only had the white in my size. The white was a tad see through so I decided to just order the red online when I got home. We went upstairs to the shoe department. I found these adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals but they were waaay out of my price range so I didn't even bother trying them on. The promotional sale was 25% off when you buy two pairs, and since Court was trying on an adorable pair of Aqua wedges, I figured what the heck, I'll just try them on. Well. They. Were. Adorable. As expected. I figured out the price with the discount and my coupons and decided to go for it. Well, they were apparently on sale before the discount and coupons were figured it, and they ended up being about 70% off. I don't know why these silly Bloomingdale's people don't advertise their sales better. I'm sure way more people would try on and buy these shoes if they knew they were on CRAZY sale. It's like Bloomingdale's is just trying to see how serious you are about shoes. Like if you're willing to spend the actual price, you must be pretty committed to looking adorable and fashionable so surprise!! Here is an extremely awesome discount!!

I went on Bloomingdale's website after I got home to look for the dress. It's adorable so I decided to order it in the color I wanted. Here is it:

The website was also having a sale, score, so I decided to seize the opportunity and get the Foley and Corrina Mid City tote in light brown. I'm tired of finding pictures, and I'm sure everyone and their mother knows what the bag looks like. I'm so excited!

Peace and pretty grungy-ness,


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WendyB said...

I love the color of that first dress and I think the Dead t-shirt is super-cute.