foley + corinna

Today is the Foley + Corinna sale on Hautelook!! Since I recently decided to return my F + C bag, I am pretty excited to check out this sale. It looks as if it's going to have clothes as well as bags. I know I am going to be temped to buy the Mid City Tote again (I have some sort of strange obsession with this beautiful bag even though I have deemed it not worthy of its price tag and it's sitting in my room right now waiting to be returned...) so I am going to have to resist. I'm pumped to see what else the sale has to offer though. And bonus, I still have that $20 credit from the Jovovich Hawk sale...

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother is a member of this 'exclusive members only' site but, as always, if you're not let me know and I'll send you an invite!

Updates later... The sale is in 39 minutes so I have to go prepare. Or get back to work. Whichever.

Peace and totally exclusive sales,


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this is true I swear said...

this blog is giving that bag away!