battle of the redheads

Shopbop has a new adorable (smiling) redhead model:
(Side note, how adorable is that cardigan? It's See by Chloe. It's $365 but if you think about paying a dollar a day for a year, it doesn't seem that outrageous, right? I could come up with a dollar a day...)

(Another adorable piece - Leather Jacket from McQ by Alexander McQueen. Grey?! What a neat color for leather. Love it)

And, bonus, she doesn't look like she hates life. Like, you know, the other one....

Watch out, smiley. She's trying to harm you with her eyes. What a badass.

Is that an attempt at a smile I see? Maybe she does have emotions after all....

(I would probably be sad/have the eyes of a serial killer too if they put other models in adorable over sized cardigans and leather jackets while I was in zip up hoodies and underwear...)

In a related unrelated note, I bought red (well, light auburn) hair dye last night so that will be tonight's project. I love changing my hair color however subtle it is.

Peace and battling redheads,


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Anonymous said...

The original shopbop model is way prettier than the new one, the new one isn't even a natural redhead