feeling alive in 1985

1. Pakistan, 1985, 2. Summer 1985, 3. 1985.08 Greek Parthenon, 4. Graffiti, downtown Olympia alley, 1985, 5. Coke Israel 1985, 6. Reds in the beds, 1985, 7. Menasche Kadisman 'Sacrifice of Issac' 1985, Tel Aviv University Campus, Israel, 8. Grateful Dead at Merriweather Post Pavilion 1985, 9. NES (1985), 10. The Boss, Milano, 1985, 11. berlin wall 1985, 12. The legendary Dunes in 1985

Another flickr mosaic game, this time the idea was stolen from Hyena In Petticoats and all the pictures are from the lovely year of my birth, 1985. The search turned up a LOT of punks (Mohawks and leather and just general rebelliousness) and strangely enough a lot of double-decker buses (which I thought was really weird until I realized it was probably all from one person's album from a double-decker bus filled day back in '85). I like how most of the pictures are red which was by accident but makes the collage look nicer, I think. The Grateful Dead tickets were neat because there is a pretty big chance my dad was actually at that particular show. I found the 'Sacrifice of Isaac' sculpture from Tel Aviv particularly interesting because we have the same sculpture by the gym at Lehigh. I never knew what it was before. To me it always looked like a half a bull with half a upside down smiley face. We had a lot of strange and interesting sculptures all over campus and they were all so interesting (who can forget the little man reading the book, or those creepy kids sitting in the bushes by the cafeteria? And that one that looked like a part of the female anatomy...Oh! and the giant colorful ribbon one?).

Tonight is the first day of a pretty big sale at Bloomingdales for the Insider members (so exclusive, I know) so I'm hitting it up after work with Court and Em. Pretty picture posts to follow!

Peace and a working air conditioner,


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