the amazing dress part 2: the conquer

On Sunday I took a little trip to my favorite place, KOP. I had bought this BCBG dress from Nordstrom's last week, and I decided to return it. The more and more I looked at it, the more I realized that it wasn't worth what it cost. It was a pretty shape and nice fabric, but the print was just so-so. Plus it was a bit pricey, so I decided to return it before I get my Nordstrom bill. I was on a mission to get that American Apparel dress I have been obsessing over. I had a feeling that I might not like how it looked on me, halters and strapless aren't really my thing. So I decided to hit up Victoria's Secret first to get a proper bra. I ended up getting 3 different ones, one strapless, one regular, and one of those 'you can wear this bra 100 ways' bras. It's pretty neat. There really are a ton of ways to wear it. Like for example, regular bras (if Frank Costanza taught us anything) have 2 hooks in the back and 2 in the front for the straps. This bra just has little hooks all over it so you can really put the straps anywhere. Plus it has a longer strap for wearing it as a halter. It also comes with this back extension that wraps around your stomach so you can wear the bra really low in the back. I haven't really experimented with it much but I can see it coming in handy.

Anyway, back to the point, after I picked up my bras I headed over to American Apparel. They had the dress in a billion colors. I tried it on in navy blue. I. Loved. It. At first I couldn't tell if it actually looked good or if I was just trying to convince myself that it looked good. I knew I would be a little biased since I was so obsessed with it so I was trying to think as neutrally as I could to make sure I wasn't just buying it because I liked the idea of the dress. I tried to remember as many ways to wear it from the video and kept trying different ways in the fitting room. Adorable. I ended up getting it in navy and a dark purple. Some of the lighter shades were really pretty (the coral and the yellow) but I figured the dark ones would be more flattering plus would hide stains less (those Sea Isle city bars are a mess). After I showered last night, I watched the video's AGAIN (I know, I feel like a stalker) with the dress on and tried all the different styles. I really like practically all of them. I think my hardest decision now will be which style to pick when I wear it this weekend... Plus, I got the 2 AA dresses for half the cost of the one BCBG dress and I know I will wear them like a million (yeah, A MILLION) times more then the BCBG one.

This past weekend recap: Left at 4 and ..no traffic again! Bizarre. Got down to AC around 6. The Borgata is AMAZING. Had a fancy dinner at an Italian wine bar. Got chicken that was still on the bone so that grossed me out and made me wish my dad was there to cut it up for me. Kathy Griffin was HILARIOUS. I cried. Seats were much closer then we thought. Got down to Sea Isle around 10:30. Not many people there this weekend so it was nice, relaxed, and quite.

Peace and sound financial decisions,


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