oh boy

So you may be wondering where I've been. Here we go: drank too much on Friday, had to wake up and drive home from the shore on the verge of vomiting, got home and ate a piece of cold pizza, tried to take a quick nap, couldn't, left for the Jimmy Buffett concert, threw up the pizza (sorry), drank a lot of water, hung out with drunk parrotheads, forgot the camera (sorry again), danced to Jimmy Buffett (he's awesome), slept in the car ride back, woke up and went into work from noon - 6 (on a Sunday! Boo!), came home and ate dinner, didn't vom (!), went to bed, worked on Monday from 7:30AM to 5:30PM, came home and took a quick nap, worked again from 8:30PM to freaking 3 in the morning, went to bed, woke up, gave myself the day off. So here I am, watching What Not To Wear and blogging at 1 on a Tuesday. It's kinda strange having a day off during the week. You know what else is also strange, working 16 hours in one day. Crazy steel mill.

In fashion related news, I got my Bloom order in the mail yesterday. As you can imagine, I didn't have time or energy to open the box and try on my new dress or cuddle with my new purse yesterday. It was kind of an (super expensive) impulse buy so I have to take a look at them again to make sure they are worth it. 

Other then all that, I've been really just spending time thinking of High Fashion Haiku's to enter DaddyLikey's contest. 

I was going to blog some crazy fashion-y things today but I think I might just watch WorkOut and lay on the couch instead. My tiny little brain is tired from spending so much time working on computers yesterday. I need a break.

Peace and working doubles,


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WendyB said...

Post-drinking vomiting is THE worst.