free people solves all my problems

I headed over to Bloom tonight to get that pesky security tag taken off my dress. I also TRAGICALLY returned my Foley + Corinna purse. While the sales ladies were trying to figure out the return, I almost manically grabbed the bag off the counter and screamed IT'S MINE, I WANT TO KEEP IT, I'VE CHANGED MY MIND. But I resisted. In the end it was the best decision. I now have some extra cash to put towards a purse that is not only adorable but also wearable. The Free People dress, on the other hand, I have decided to keep. My first thought was to hit up AA and try to find a racer back tank top that I could wear under the dress. While I was in Free People, I came across these lovely lacy bandeau tops that I thought might work. I wasn't sure what would look the best so I got in both black and taupe.

Here is in in taupe. It's the Scalloped Lace Bandeau top. I am guessing that small boobied ladies can wear this instead of a bra which would look adorable. My plan is to wear it over my bra so my cleavage isn't so... out there. I think it will still look sexy but it will keep me more covered. I tried it on under the FP dress and it looked pretty good. I am going to be bringing it down the shore to get everyone's opinion before I take the tags off the dress though. And the black one looks great under a lot of my cleavage bearing dresses. I think I will get a lot of use out of these little guys. Score. 

Oh, I also picked up some new sunglasses. As you know, I broke my white F21 ones, I lost my giant pink F21 ones, and, most devastating of all, last weekend I broke my Ed Hardy's. I am so pissed at myself for not putting them back in their badass case. I suck. I left them in a plastic bag on my bedroom floor down the shore and I must have drunkenly stepped on them a few times when I got back from the bar. I am going to try to get them repaired somehow. Anyways, here are the shades I picked up from Free People...

They are the Glory Metal Aviators.

I took a quick trip around Urban but nothing stood out. Saw that adorable green dress with the pink buttons again and it was calling out to me. Didn't have enough time to try it on again. Still not sure if it's worth $110. 

The following has nothing to do with fashion. Sometimes I do think about things other then clothes and drinking and boys and stickers. After reading all the Kurt Vonnegut books, I now have turned to Chuck Palahniuk. I read Fight Club awhile ago and I think I remember liking it (I have a bizarrely awful memory when it comes to the plots of books or movies). I was perusing the book store on the boardwalk last weekend and I came across Rant (I think it's his new one, no?) I bought it cause it was the only book without a lady or a beach on the cover. Anyways, so far so good. So tonight I picked up Survivor and Stranger then Fiction to read this weekend. We decided not to head down until tomorrow morning so I spent the night cleaning my room, packing and watching Kill Bill.

So hopefully there will be more pictures of outfits this weekend since I'll be with the family and more inclined to ask them to snap some shots. But obv don't get your hopes up. I've let you down before and I'll do it again.

And my weekend begins (suckers, again).

Peace and clean bedrooms,


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Anonymous said...

lenny, you're just finding out about the bandeau now?! I should have told you sooner... I have three. But, because I'm not the kind of girl who likes flapping in the wind, I wear a strapless underneath. It holds up quite well.
Remind me that I HAVE to shoe you my new Plenty dress from the sample sale!