I had forgotten I had created this set awhile ago:

It was in response to a 'What to Wear to Graduation' post. I had just gotten the Lux dress from Urban and I was excited to create an outfit around it. I have yet to wear it but I am planning to try it out tomorrow at my sister's graduation. I usually don't like to go so matchy-matchy on the accessories but the dress is pretty bold and has such a definite color scheme that I figured the accessories would look better if they fell in line. I will unfortunately, sadly, TRAGICALLY not be wearing the Louboutin wedges tomorrow (because I don't own them, not because something really unfortunate or tragic happened...). However, I will debut my new DKNY Emma wedges in white, so that's pretty exciting. As for real life accessories, I'm going to go with my white F21 sunglasses, my white rose F21 post earrings, annnd... that might be it. I think I'll let the dress do the talking, if you catch my drift. And I'll leave you with that magical cliche ridden sentence.

Peace and graduation celebrations,


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