dry clean only

As you know, I had crammed my entire summer wardrobe into my ultra fashionable duffel for Memorial Day weekend and, like I had predicted, every single item of clothing remained in my car until I returned to the shore on the following weekend. By that time everything was wrinkled and a tad smelly, but I managed. Earlier this week I finally got around to bringing my extensive shore wardrobe inside the house. Since then it has just sat on my floor, forming giant clothes mountains (which can be fun and quite comfy until you encounter a rouge heel or bottle of hairspray...) Unfortunately, the mountains of clothing have reached an insurmountable height. I didn't want to admit it, but a laundry night was in order. So last night I caved and began to do my laundry from Memorial Day weekend. Since most of the items were being washed for the first time, I took the time to read the labels and separate the 'machine wash'-ables from the 'hand-wash' items. But mainly I just wanted make sure I didn't wash any 'dry clean only' stuff. (I had a pretty purple, grey and blue flowery dress by Lux from Urban that I assumed was ok to wash and when it came out it I exclaimed 'What is this? A dress for ANTS?' Tragic.) My Ella Moss dress (which is really only acceptable as a beach cover up because of its fairly unflattering shape) is dry clean only. Annoying, but expected from a label such as the Moss. Then I came across my lame little navy blue knit top from FOREVER21. I almost tossed it in without even reading the label because, hey, its Forever21. I was shocked and horrified to read 'Dry Clean Only'. Who do you think you are, Forever21? Dry clean only! The dry cleaning is going to cost more then the shirt itself! What a sham. I tried to find a picture of it on the F21 website but no luck. Man, if my dad still didn't pick up and pay for all my dry cleaning, I would be pretty heated right about now...

But hey, it's all good cause it's Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace and the delicate rinse cycle,


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