“I don’t know - you’re either on the worst-dressed list or you’ve started a fashion trend. I think there’s a real disconnect between the media’s perception of fashion and the fashion world’s idea of fashion. I don’t know why I wear some of the things I wear. I like wearing crazy things sometimes. I like being playful. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing dress-up and becoming a character. It’s sort of like an art. It can change your mood or the way that people are attracted to you.”

Mary-Kate from July 2008 Elle Magazine
Mary Kate has been all over the magazine world lately. (Actually that's a pretty bold assumption. I really have no idea since I haven't bought a single magazine since her Nylon one back in... January?... But it sure seems like it..) I love how she always looks a bit disheveled, like she just kinda woke up, rolled out of bed, and threw on about 22 pieces of jewelry and awesome kick ass shoes. I think what I like about her the most is how she is so tiny but doesn't go for the typical short shorts, spandex dress, or low cut shirts that she could so obviously 'pull off'. She actually puts some thought into her outfits and she literally creates works of art with each ensemble. People focus so much on her odd outfit choices that I think sometimes they forget how beautiful she is, and these close up shots serve as a great reminder. Sure, sometimes she looks a little wacky, but at least she is trying new things and having fun. Which is probably more that can be said about those who criticize her...
Peace and giant amounts of inspiration,

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