sorry bloom

So on my relaxing day off yesterday, amongst watching awkward episodes of Sister Sister (the one where Ray wouldn't let one of them date this guy who works as a mechanic for him, and whichever one it was goes 'You're not my father!' Probably one of the best general lines in teenage television history) I got around to trying on the pretty Free People dress I ordered on Bloomingdales.com. It is just so beautiful, lovely red and purple colors with amazing brown crisscross straps with little beads all over them. However, its really quite short. Like cho-cha bearing short. And the chest-area is so tiny that it's semi unflattering. One or the other would have been ok, but the combination of both screams 'I can't dress my body properly' which is never something I want to scream. So the dress must go. However, since I only got the 40% discount because of the total of the purchase, I had to reconsider the lovely Foley + Corrina purse as well. I decided, reluctantly, to return the purse as well. It's not as versatile as I thought it would be. I thought I could adjust the strap so the purse would sit at my waist, but the strap is one size only and leaves the purse hanging right under my arm. Which makes it hard to open and get anything out of, since the top is folded over. Plus the lovely people over at Bloom left the security sensor on my Pretty Grungy dress so I have to head back to the store anyway. I'll probably do that tomorrow at some point. Good thing I have two $15 off gift certs from spending so much money during that damn sale...

Can't think of much else to write. I might do some Polyvoring or Haiku writing to waste some time, but don't wait up for me.

Peace and tiny FP dresses,


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