dear ms. davis

Perhaps I was too quick to judge. If you send me a pair of these shoes...

(picture from shopbop.com)

...I'll promise to forget about those lime green platform disasters and we can be friends forever. Everyone makes mistakes, I understand. Some are just worse then others and you just should have to pay for yours by sending me these $800 shoes.

But seriously, how hot are these shoes? Plus, I hear hot pink is like THE color. Mmm..fierce.

PS - Hautelook.com is featuring Davis by Ruthie Davis as one of their sales later in the week. Now instead of laughing at my email, I am actually interested in checking out the sale.

Peace and redeeming qualities,


hippie chic

And I am back from my little beach vacation. It was lovely, relaxing and non-relaxing, and I got to see not only my friends but also my family, whom I love love love. We got down Thursday morning and everyone took a nap. We basically just laid around all day, ate, watched tv, read books. We didn't even make it to the beach! Friday I was determined to work on my tan level so I spent most of the day on the beach or laying out in my uncles back yard. Friday night was crazy as usual. I wore my new French Connection purple halter dress. It was so fun and girly and pretty. I was just twirling around in it all night. Saturday was spent on my uncle's boat and playing games with my little cousins. Oh, and eating and watching tv and laying around. We tried to make it out to happy hour but ended up drinking too much at the house and just stayed in and grilled. Saturday night pretty awesome. I wore my lovely Free People dress with the lacy bandeau top underneath. The general consensus was good so I ripped off the tags. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show off my leather braided hippie headband so I put it on. The girls thought I looked a little too hippie but I didn't care, I wore it out anyway. It was adorable, in my opinion. Unfortunately I got too attached to the look and I refused to take off the headband and put my hair up at the bar which lead to a lot of unnecessary sweating and also an early departure. Oh the things I do for fashion.

I ended up staying down last night. I went to happy hour and dinner with the family. I was so tired I fell asleep around 9, which was good because I had to wake up at 5 to drive home for work. It was worth it though, cause happy hour was fun and dinner was delicious and I'm not really that tired (yet) and I got into work so early that I can leave at 3. Score. Untz.

As usual, I took zero picture. But my uncle took a ton, my sister took a few and I'm sure the people in my house took some so maybe I'll have something to show. Probably not. I really have to stop talking about pictures here.

More good news - Friday is 4th of July! A day off work! Another short week! I need to get some new adorable dresses for the upcoming weekend so I'm planning on hitting up Bloomingdales later in the week to use those lovely coupons I acquired by spending so much money at the last sale...

Peace and sweat,



free people solves all my problems

I headed over to Bloom tonight to get that pesky security tag taken off my dress. I also TRAGICALLY returned my Foley + Corinna purse. While the sales ladies were trying to figure out the return, I almost manically grabbed the bag off the counter and screamed IT'S MINE, I WANT TO KEEP IT, I'VE CHANGED MY MIND. But I resisted. In the end it was the best decision. I now have some extra cash to put towards a purse that is not only adorable but also wearable. The Free People dress, on the other hand, I have decided to keep. My first thought was to hit up AA and try to find a racer back tank top that I could wear under the dress. While I was in Free People, I came across these lovely lacy bandeau tops that I thought might work. I wasn't sure what would look the best so I got in both black and taupe.

Here is in in taupe. It's the Scalloped Lace Bandeau top. I am guessing that small boobied ladies can wear this instead of a bra which would look adorable. My plan is to wear it over my bra so my cleavage isn't so... out there. I think it will still look sexy but it will keep me more covered. I tried it on under the FP dress and it looked pretty good. I am going to be bringing it down the shore to get everyone's opinion before I take the tags off the dress though. And the black one looks great under a lot of my cleavage bearing dresses. I think I will get a lot of use out of these little guys. Score. 

Oh, I also picked up some new sunglasses. As you know, I broke my white F21 ones, I lost my giant pink F21 ones, and, most devastating of all, last weekend I broke my Ed Hardy's. I am so pissed at myself for not putting them back in their badass case. I suck. I left them in a plastic bag on my bedroom floor down the shore and I must have drunkenly stepped on them a few times when I got back from the bar. I am going to try to get them repaired somehow. Anyways, here are the shades I picked up from Free People...

They are the Glory Metal Aviators.

I took a quick trip around Urban but nothing stood out. Saw that adorable green dress with the pink buttons again and it was calling out to me. Didn't have enough time to try it on again. Still not sure if it's worth $110. 

The following has nothing to do with fashion. Sometimes I do think about things other then clothes and drinking and boys and stickers. After reading all the Kurt Vonnegut books, I now have turned to Chuck Palahniuk. I read Fight Club awhile ago and I think I remember liking it (I have a bizarrely awful memory when it comes to the plots of books or movies). I was perusing the book store on the boardwalk last weekend and I came across Rant (I think it's his new one, no?) I bought it cause it was the only book without a lady or a beach on the cover. Anyways, so far so good. So tonight I picked up Survivor and Stranger then Fiction to read this weekend. We decided not to head down until tomorrow morning so I spent the night cleaning my room, packing and watching Kill Bill.

So hopefully there will be more pictures of outfits this weekend since I'll be with the family and more inclined to ask them to snap some shots. But obv don't get your hopes up. I've let you down before and I'll do it again.

And my weekend begins (suckers, again).

Peace and clean bedrooms,



Last night I went to trivia at a bar by work with some of the guys I work with. It was fun and entertaining. It reaffirmed the fact that I know absolutely nothing about anything. I'm not sure why I love trivia so much considering I've never answered a single question.. Anyways, I wore jeans and a white AA tee with a ton of turquoise necklaces and rings. Pretty adorable. Sorry that was such a lame fashion update, I didn't get home until after midnight last night so I am kinda sleepy/out of it now.

But good news is today is my Friday! I took vacation days tomorrow and Friday and I am driving down the shore tonight with my mom and sister. I am excited to have a nice relaxing non drinking night down the shore. Tomorrow I will be at the beach allll day (jealous, suckers?). I meant to take that lovely purple halter dress back to Bloom to get the security tag thingy removed but I forgot to bring it to work with me so it looks like it will have to wait yet another week before making its debut. Tragic.

Alright, back to work. Hopefully I will post a less lame and more fashionable post later today. If not, see you Monday!

Peace and Wednesday Friday's,



everyone's a winner!

We all know that isn't true. Some people are losers. But not me! I got an honorable mention in the Prada Wallet Haiku contest over at DaddyLikey. I feel like such a poet! I won the 'Most Stylish Amputee' award which may make more sense after you read my breathtakingly beautiful haiku:
if i received a
left Louboutin heel i would
cut off my right foot
It's pretty hilarious that she mentioned mine, there were over 200 entries!! What lovely news on a Monday!
So this weekend I brought my camera down the shore and guess how many pictures I took? Zero. I suck. The highlight of the weekend was definitely the Jort dance party that the guys in our house put on for us on Saturday evening. In case you are unfamiliar with the Jort (and I'm not sure why I feel the need to capitalize it...), its the lovely combination of jean and shorts. They are typically worn by sometimes fashionable women but mostly unfashionable men and women. They guys had apparently gotten together and declared it Jorts Weekend. For most of them it consisted of getting into their girlfriends or sisters jean shorts and prancing around in our living room in them. It was quite a hilarious scene. Unfortunately they all got changed before going out in public but everyone took a ton of pictures so the memory will live on.
Also, the giant gold lobster necklace made its debut this weekend but it was a post Happy Hour semi drunk accessory decision so it was probably not the best choice. I wore it with my flowery Lux dress and you couldn't really see the lobster. Oh well, at least it made it out of my jewelry box...
Peace and drunk accessory decisions,


1 fish 2 fish

Would you make fun of me if I wore this Betsey Johnson Large Tropical Fish Ring?


No, of course not. How could you? Its sparkly and tropical and adorable!

How about if I wore it at the same time as the Betsey Johnson Tropical Fish Earrings with Chains?


Would you still be my friend? (PS I'm a HUGE fan of asymmetrical earrings)

What if I added the Large Rhinestone Tropical Fish Pendant to the ensemble?

(excuse me Betsey, $175???)

Aw, you'd still hang out with me? You're the bestest friend ever! 

In that case, I'm just going to go ahead and put this on too...


It's the Betsey Johnson Y Necklace with Hanging Fish and Hook.

Man, I have some sort of sick obsession with fish/lobster/octopus jewelry. I kinda want to buy these and wear them all at once, for reals. Well, maybe not that $155 necklace, but basically everything else.

TGIF, eh? Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Peace and tropical fish overload,


foley + corinna

Today is the Foley + Corinna sale on Hautelook!! Since I recently decided to return my F + C bag, I am pretty excited to check out this sale. It looks as if it's going to have clothes as well as bags. I know I am going to be temped to buy the Mid City Tote again (I have some sort of strange obsession with this beautiful bag even though I have deemed it not worthy of its price tag and it's sitting in my room right now waiting to be returned...) so I am going to have to resist. I'm pumped to see what else the sale has to offer though. And bonus, I still have that $20 credit from the Jovovich Hawk sale...

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother is a member of this 'exclusive members only' site but, as always, if you're not let me know and I'll send you an invite!

Updates later... The sale is in 39 minutes so I have to go prepare. Or get back to work. Whichever.

Peace and totally exclusive sales,



teenagers banned from the mall?

The Christiana Mall in Delaware is soon going to restrict the entry of teenagers into their mall. They will be IDing all kids at the doors, and if you're under 18 the only way you'll be let in is if you're accompanied by a parent. Those who are over 18 will get wristbands which will allow them to shop and hang out. This is happening because a lot of fights (fist fights and food fights, apparently) have been happening all too frequently there. At first, it didn't seem like such a bad idea. Adults want to feel comfortable to shop and enjoy the mall without witnessing two teenage girls beat the crap out of each other, or getting fries thrown at their heads. But then I got to thinking (and it's never a good thing when I get to thinking) what if this had happened when I was still 14 or 15. I have a pretty awful memory, but I'm fairly certain we hung out at the mall a lot. What else was there to do besides mall, movies, and bowling/mini golf? Plus, if you ban the mall, the fighting kids will still fight somewhere, but it will probably be somewhere more dangerous. I think it's a little silly and a tad overkill. It seems like you could just take the all security personal at the doors IDing kids and just have them patrol the mall more frequently, the problem would be solved without having to resort to such a ban. But hey, what do I know?

Actually, what I do know is how sad I would have been if I never got a chance to own all the lovely things I bought at the mall during my unsupervised teenage years:

This includes but is certainly not limited to: flannel shirts (not simply plaid, FLANNEL), giant JNCO's, surfer shirts and skater shoes (and surprisingly,  I was neither), rainbow belts, colorful tube socks, GLITTER in all its forms, Doc's, overalls WITH homemade patches, tiny little backpacks, safety pin earrings (or moons, or stars, or scissors, or mushrooms, or turtles...), and anything from LimitedToo I could get my hands on. 

And this doesn't even include not being able to go to buy a new CD, hit up Chick-Fil-A, or get one of those cute little picture key chains with all your friends.... Boy, we are living in harsh times....

Peace and looking back,



banfi zambrelli

sorry bloom

So on my relaxing day off yesterday, amongst watching awkward episodes of Sister Sister (the one where Ray wouldn't let one of them date this guy who works as a mechanic for him, and whichever one it was goes 'You're not my father!' Probably one of the best general lines in teenage television history) I got around to trying on the pretty Free People dress I ordered on Bloomingdales.com. It is just so beautiful, lovely red and purple colors with amazing brown crisscross straps with little beads all over them. However, its really quite short. Like cho-cha bearing short. And the chest-area is so tiny that it's semi unflattering. One or the other would have been ok, but the combination of both screams 'I can't dress my body properly' which is never something I want to scream. So the dress must go. However, since I only got the 40% discount because of the total of the purchase, I had to reconsider the lovely Foley + Corrina purse as well. I decided, reluctantly, to return the purse as well. It's not as versatile as I thought it would be. I thought I could adjust the strap so the purse would sit at my waist, but the strap is one size only and leaves the purse hanging right under my arm. Which makes it hard to open and get anything out of, since the top is folded over. Plus the lovely people over at Bloom left the security sensor on my Pretty Grungy dress so I have to head back to the store anyway. I'll probably do that tomorrow at some point. Good thing I have two $15 off gift certs from spending so much money during that damn sale...

Can't think of much else to write. I might do some Polyvoring or Haiku writing to waste some time, but don't wait up for me.

Peace and tiny FP dresses,



always inspired

oh boy

So you may be wondering where I've been. Here we go: drank too much on Friday, had to wake up and drive home from the shore on the verge of vomiting, got home and ate a piece of cold pizza, tried to take a quick nap, couldn't, left for the Jimmy Buffett concert, threw up the pizza (sorry), drank a lot of water, hung out with drunk parrotheads, forgot the camera (sorry again), danced to Jimmy Buffett (he's awesome), slept in the car ride back, woke up and went into work from noon - 6 (on a Sunday! Boo!), came home and ate dinner, didn't vom (!), went to bed, worked on Monday from 7:30AM to 5:30PM, came home and took a quick nap, worked again from 8:30PM to freaking 3 in the morning, went to bed, woke up, gave myself the day off. So here I am, watching What Not To Wear and blogging at 1 on a Tuesday. It's kinda strange having a day off during the week. You know what else is also strange, working 16 hours in one day. Crazy steel mill.

In fashion related news, I got my Bloom order in the mail yesterday. As you can imagine, I didn't have time or energy to open the box and try on my new dress or cuddle with my new purse yesterday. It was kind of an (super expensive) impulse buy so I have to take a look at them again to make sure they are worth it. 

Other then all that, I've been really just spending time thinking of High Fashion Haiku's to enter DaddyLikey's contest. 

I was going to blog some crazy fashion-y things today but I think I might just watch WorkOut and lay on the couch instead. My tiny little brain is tired from spending so much time working on computers yesterday. I need a break.

Peace and working doubles,



personal shopper? ole.

I just got this email from Anthro telling me that they now offer free personal shopping. You can just call up a store and make an appointment with their personal shopper. I guess you tell them your sizes and what you like and they will have a bunch of stuff already ready for you to try on. Plus they will stay with you while you try things on and give their opinions and get new sizes as needed. Seems like a pretty fancy service to be giving away for free. I would maybe do it once to feel cool and special but honestly, walking around Anthro and discovering things is one of my favorite shopping experiences. I love just being in that store. I'm not sure how much I would trust another person to pick out my clothes for me, although a second set of unbiased (aka not a friend) eyes couldn't hurt in the dressing room....

Tonight I am headed down the shore. I am going to try to take my sister's camera to get some good photos in.

More importantly, tomorrow I am coming home to go to the JIMMY BUFFETT concert.

If you didn't know, I am a GIANT Jimmy Buffett fan. He is my favorite singer and absolutely hands down my favorite to see live. His concerts are amazingly fun and crazy. I have been to approx. 26 (I am a second generation parrot head, what can I say?) The concert starts around 9 and a few of my parents wild friends are getting down to the tailgate parking lot at 9AM. AM!! Crazy kids. I love it when I get out-partied by the old folks. They are bringing a party bus and a kiddie pool (or 2) and they are actually getting sand delivered (so I hear). Quite a scene. I am DEFINITELY taking her camera for that. Hopefully I'll get some fantastic hilarious 'street shots' of parrot heads in their full glory.

(all pictures from margaritaville.com)

If you weekend is half as amazing and fun as I know mine will be, congratulations! Enjoy!

Peace and margaritaville,



ruthie from the real world? is that you?

Maybe the shoe designer for Ruthie Davis shoes is Ruthie from the Real World Hawaii. Remember? Sure you do! She was always wasted and falling into things, breaking glasses and jumping into pools naked, making out with guys... and girls (or wait, did she ever make out with guys?). Ring a bell? Ok here is her picture:

from mtv.com
Well, I sure hope it's her because that's the only explanation I could come up with for the appearance of this shoe:

Mod Techno Two Band Platform, DAVIS by Ruthie Davis.
Originally 425, on sale for $297.50 (what a steal)
Picture from shopbop.com

Good to see that she has gotten her life back on track as a shoe designer. Hey, an ugly shoe designer is still a better occupation then a drunk.

(And I know I already mentioned this shoe in a 'what not to buy' post but I figured since it's on sale it's fair game again. And sadly, the more I look at the shoe the more I start to think, hey maybe it's not as ugly as I thought. Must. Shut. Computer.)

Peace and recovery,




Get ready for a lot of fairly meaningless pictures....

So tonight I served wine and beer at a kegger in a Catholic grade school gym. I know this sounds strange and hard to believe so I took pictures:

Kegs (Yungling and Coors Light)

Gym ceiling pics (pretty artsy, no?)

Balloons!! Posters!! Blessings!!

My ultra fashionable father. I like to dress him like a 20 year old frat boy.

Before the party started I passed the time by taking pictures of my lovely feet and adorable new sandals!! And my pretty flower skirt!!!

Some cemetery pictures on the way out.

I found my $3.50 F21 sunglasses like this when I got into my car this morning. Tragic. But they do make for some pretty funny pictures.

For example:

My little sister was very sad to find the glasses broken...

And my first attempt at outfit pics...

High waist flower skirt and sleeveless white shirt, Anthropologie. Teal suede fringe bag, Urban Outfitters. Sandals, Marc by MJ.

Clearly I have to work on my self portraits. The camera was being all fuzzy and unfocused no matter what setting I put it on so that was really annoying... Help!

Peace and random pictures,


what a disaster

Last night after work I met Court at King of Prussia for the Bloomingdale's sale. I got there a little early, so I hit up Urban Outfitters which was my first mistake. I tried on a bunch of things but nothing really stood out (probably because I already own like all of the Lux dresses...). I did think this dress was pretty adorable:

But unfortunately it wasn't $118 adorable. I do love the color though. And the buttons. And the neckline. OH GOOD GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?

I have successfully avoided the graphic tee's from Urban. They are cute and sure, sometimes they say funny things about peace and Obama, but I never found one that seemed worth the rather steep price. Until last night...

How could I resist? I know real dead heads would probably make fun of me for buying a shirt from Urban, but hopefully real dead heads don't shop at Urban and won't know...

I also picked up a really pretty teal suede shoulder bag with a ton of fringe. It is such a beautiful teal color. Can't find a picture of it anywhere... (But we did get the damaged camera back and it's all better so maybe I'll actually start to use it...)

Thank goodness Courtney showed up because I was going a little crazy with the pre-shopping. We headed over to Bloomingdale's. I tried on a bunch of things, mostly dresses, and I wasn't too impressed. I did love and end up getting this beautiful French Connection ombre halter dress:

It's called the Pretty Grunge Halter Dress, which is adorable. And those bows!!

I really wanted this Free People dress I saw some adorable girl wearing at the Bike Race on Sunday. They have it in white and red, and in the store they only had the white in my size. The white was a tad see through so I decided to just order the red online when I got home. We went upstairs to the shoe department. I found these adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals but they were waaay out of my price range so I didn't even bother trying them on. The promotional sale was 25% off when you buy two pairs, and since Court was trying on an adorable pair of Aqua wedges, I figured what the heck, I'll just try them on. Well. They. Were. Adorable. As expected. I figured out the price with the discount and my coupons and decided to go for it. Well, they were apparently on sale before the discount and coupons were figured it, and they ended up being about 70% off. I don't know why these silly Bloomingdale's people don't advertise their sales better. I'm sure way more people would try on and buy these shoes if they knew they were on CRAZY sale. It's like Bloomingdale's is just trying to see how serious you are about shoes. Like if you're willing to spend the actual price, you must be pretty committed to looking adorable and fashionable so surprise!! Here is an extremely awesome discount!!

I went on Bloomingdale's website after I got home to look for the dress. It's adorable so I decided to order it in the color I wanted. Here is it:

The website was also having a sale, score, so I decided to seize the opportunity and get the Foley and Corrina Mid City tote in light brown. I'm tired of finding pictures, and I'm sure everyone and their mother knows what the bag looks like. I'm so excited!

Peace and pretty grungy-ness,



feeling alive in 1985

1. Pakistan, 1985, 2. Summer 1985, 3. 1985.08 Greek Parthenon, 4. Graffiti, downtown Olympia alley, 1985, 5. Coke Israel 1985, 6. Reds in the beds, 1985, 7. Menasche Kadisman 'Sacrifice of Issac' 1985, Tel Aviv University Campus, Israel, 8. Grateful Dead at Merriweather Post Pavilion 1985, 9. NES (1985), 10. The Boss, Milano, 1985, 11. berlin wall 1985, 12. The legendary Dunes in 1985

Another flickr mosaic game, this time the idea was stolen from Hyena In Petticoats and all the pictures are from the lovely year of my birth, 1985. The search turned up a LOT of punks (Mohawks and leather and just general rebelliousness) and strangely enough a lot of double-decker buses (which I thought was really weird until I realized it was probably all from one person's album from a double-decker bus filled day back in '85). I like how most of the pictures are red which was by accident but makes the collage look nicer, I think. The Grateful Dead tickets were neat because there is a pretty big chance my dad was actually at that particular show. I found the 'Sacrifice of Isaac' sculpture from Tel Aviv particularly interesting because we have the same sculpture by the gym at Lehigh. I never knew what it was before. To me it always looked like a half a bull with half a upside down smiley face. We had a lot of strange and interesting sculptures all over campus and they were all so interesting (who can forget the little man reading the book, or those creepy kids sitting in the bushes by the cafeteria? And that one that looked like a part of the female anatomy...Oh! and the giant colorful ribbon one?).

Tonight is the first day of a pretty big sale at Bloomingdales for the Insider members (so exclusive, I know) so I'm hitting it up after work with Court and Em. Pretty picture posts to follow!

Peace and a working air conditioner,



your hair and your fashion sense.

Do you think that your natural hair type influences your fashion sense? I have naturally curly hair, and my style tends towards the bohemian side of things. I associate curls with the hippie look. I like how curls look messy and natural and a little unkempt (I think I have fully straightened my hair like 4 times in my life). Similarly, I go for the 'calculated messy' style, if that makes any sense (over sized shirts, dresses with boots, flow-y anything, headbands, funky jewelry). My bff Court, on the other hand, has stick straight hair, and her style is more preppy and put together (nautical, more classic rather then trendy). I started to wonder, if we had each other's hair types, would our fashion style remain the same? I have had curly hair for the majority of my life so I think that it probably played a part in the development of my style. Do you think your hair plays a part in how you dress? Do you straighten your naturally curly hair (or curl your straight locks) depending on what kind of look you are going for and outfit you are wearing? Do you agree straight hair ladies tend towards a more preppy look while curly haired girls go for bohemian?

Speaking of bohemian, I spent some time today on ebay looking for some good vintage dresses. I was inspired by FashionToast and Liebemarlene's ebay stores so I started to look up other vintage store. I found two great ones, and I placed bids on 3 dresses! I'm so excited... I'll post pics AFTER I win them...

It was 100 degrees today when I got in my car after work at 4:30. 100 degrees at 4:30!!!

Peace and la vie boheme,



flickr game

I read this on The Anchor and it looked fun so I did it too.

1. Kara, 2. Pinocchio's Pizza farm, 3. Blowing snow with god rays, 4. The green hair club meeting, 5. Danny Masterson, 6. lemonade, 7. Manatee in Green, 8. Raspberry - Swirl Cheesecake, 9. Man at work, 10. Love XOXO, 11. Close your Eyes and Sleep, 12. tea

How to play:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker and make a lovely mosaic to put on your blog or flickr.

The questions:
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name.

The high school question was hard because 'Bishop Shanahan' didn't really return much so I just used Shanahan. Also I don't even have a Flickr account (and it seemed silly to sign up because I don't even own a camera..) so I just used Fashion Head. I think that one might be my favorite picture, haha.

Peace and random pictures,