I swear this sweater caught my eye before I even noticed who made it:

(picture from shopbop.com)

Adorable from the front, no? I really love big oversized cardigans. And I think everyone knows my feelings on the color grey. Lovely. I usually don't go for short sleeved sweaters but just wait. The real awesomeness of this sweater isn't revealed until you take a look at the back:

(picture from shopbop.com)

So cool! What a great warm weather cardigan. Open in the back so you'll get a breeze but your arms and shoulders are covered. And as if that wasn't enough uniqueness in one sweater, check this out:

(picture from shopbop.com)

I'm speechless. 

OH yeah, its the Halter Sweater made by none other then the lovely talented fantastic fabulous beautiful amazing Mary Kate Olsen (Ashley had no chance designing this one...) for Elizabeth and James.

Go buy it. Come on, it's only $265. Those Olsen's need a sandwich.

Peace and versatility,



if i had a million dollars...

Here is what I would buy:

Peace Leather Wrap Bracelet - Accessories and Beyond
$176 (picture from shopbop.com)

What a beautiful bracelet. And who doesn't totally love peace? And who doesn't love everyone else knowing that they totally love peace?

Marysia Clutch - Botkier
$395 (picture from shopbop.com)

I love the crisscross leather detail cause it's not absolutely perfect. Plus I've been on a 'white bag for summer' mission.

Blossom Print Tie Neck Halter Top - Catherine Malandrino
$395 (picture from shopbop.com)

Flowery top = beautiful. Yellow pants = bold.
Why do I always fall in love with shirts that do not allow the wearer to wear a bra?? Sad face (sad boobs, actually.)

Mid City Tote - Foley + Corrinna
$444 (picture from shopbop.com)

This color is pretty and unique. I love the shape of the bag and its versatility (carried as shown by the handles or it can be folded over in half and carried with the shoulder strap to create a different look.)

Charlye Pull On Boot - Golden Goose
$1050 (seriously?) (picture from shopbop.com)

Is that actual mud on the heel? Gee I hope it's included in the price! For reals, something about these boots makes me realllly want them. I think I like things that already look destroyed so then I won't worry about destroying them myself..

Runway Angel Dress
Runway Angel Dress - Missoni
$2,390 (picture from neimanmarcus.com)

Love the blue and teal strip contract on the classic Missoni print. It kinda reminds me of one of those giant hippie sweater you get at Habitat. I like.
Glazed Love Treviso Clutch
Glazed Love Treviso Clutch - L.A.M.B.
$525 (picture from neimanmarcus.com)

Oh Gwen, why is your stuff so expensive? I like that this clutch has a handle, so unlike typical annoying clutches that you will want to throw on the ground in the middle of the night instead of carrying it under your arm one more second, this one might be a little easier cause you can carry it with your hand.

Ibiza Tie-Dye Dress - C&C California
$178 (picture from shopbop.com)

I. Like. Absolutely. Anything. Tie. Dye.

True Religion Serena Woven Leather Hobo

Serena Woven Leather Hobo - True Religion
$458 (picture from shopbop.com)

True Religion? Seriously? You make something other then jeans? Perfect white summer hobo. Love the little beads.

Elizabeth & James Fringed Jacket & Stirrup Leggings
This whole outfit (minus the shoes, probably)
Fringed Jacket - Elizabeth & James
Stirrup Leggings - Elizabeth & James
(picture from neimanmarcus.com)

I have such an odd obsession with these stirrup pants..... Well it's not THAT odd, I guess considering they're adorable and unique and made by Mary Kate.

Turnlock Teri Tote - Marc by Marc Jacobs
$428 (picture from shoppingismycardio.com)

Love, love, love the color. Duh. It also looks like it would be easy to clean (I spill alot).

Banded Multicolor Sandal - Marc by Marc Jacobs
$380 (picture from shopbop.com)

Navy = Color of the summer. It looks great with bright green and now, red too. Navy, you are amazing. And who ever thought chunky heels would be back?

Paparazzi Dress - Yaya Aflalo
$555 (picture from shopbop.com)

I can't imagine a place or time when I would ever wear something like this but gosh isn't it so pretty?

Slip-Off Top - VPL
$245 (picture from shopbop.com)

Sexy, sexy. I would buy this and give it to one of my friends who could ...ahem, go braless.

Square Neck Pleated Dress - Vera Wang Lavender Label
$495 (picture from shobop.com)

A spring wedding. And yes, I'm grossed out a wedding is the first event I though of. But it screams classy wedding guest, does it not? Maybe dress it down with a navy cardigan?

Patent Fernanda Gladiator Sandle - Modern Vintage
$225 (picture from shopbop.com)

...channeling Mary Kate...

Mallorca Raffia Double Sole Wedge - Jean-Michel Cazabat
$365 (picture from shopbop.com)

For the ultra rich hippie.

All this and I didn't even break $10,000. I'm pumped that most of the things on my list are summery. It means that it's getting closer. Hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures!

Summer, hurry up.

Peace and fantasy shopping trips,




Oh my! It's been forever. Sorry to all my loyal adoring fans who depend on me for daily fashion tips and instructions on what to wear every morning. I've been pretty busy lately mainly doing one of two things: downloading music or drinking. I got my new ipod and macbook so I went on a little downloading spree (523 songs to be exact, in the past 3 days. Must be sort of record, no? I hope I don't get arrested). I have to get my ipod up to speed if I want to be the official d.j. of the summer. And I've been drinking a lot in preparation of St. Pattys day (funny that on the actual holiday I went to the dentist and sat around my house) plus it was my little cousin's 21st birthday so there were a lot of family drinking events. But enough about me.

I went into West Chester to Blink, an ultra adorable little boutique. There are 2 girls that work there that look similar and one is reallllllly nice and sweet and adorable and the other one is kinda rude (or maybe its just one girl and she's bipolar...) Anyway the nice one was there, thankfully. I tried on a few things by Juicy and Ella, nothing special. I told her I was headed to a family party so I was trying to keep the cleavage to a minimum. She handed me this 'To the Max' dress that looked pretty hideous on the hanger, I have to admit. It looked like a giant silky trashbag. I figure what the heck, I'll try it on. WELL LET ME TELL YOU, it was adorable. Obv I bought it, wore it with my black boots and no tights (!!) cause it was so nice out. Can't find a picture of it (ok, I really didn't look...) but that sales girl seriously knows what she's doing.

Happy St. Pattys Day everyone! I hope your day involves green clothes, car bombs, and Irish blessings. Here's one of my favorites:

May those that love us love us
And those that don't love us,
May God turn their hearts
And if He can't turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping.

It's bedtime, quick wardrobe updates: classic Reebok's in Navy blue, Nike Air's in brown and white, brown slouchy hobo from Urban, green and blue tie dye scarf from Urban, white, green, and blue argyle sweater from JCrew (worn on both St. Patty's day celebrations with the American Apparel T and the Reeboks)...

I promise next time will be better, fo reals. Pictures, I promise. Witty comments, I promise.

Peace and Irishness,



beer tabs!

Drumroll, please....

Here are the beer tab necklace pictures, as promised. The following pictures were taken over our drunken Chicago reunion. I gave everyone silver or gold necklaces and they were a pretty big hit, obv. When we are sober, we look even better. Usually.

She just can't get over how amazing she looks.

Black and white. I'm so artsy its unreal.

More satisfied customers.

How adorable are they?

We weren't posing. That's how I dance.

Currently taking orders for the beer tab necklaces. Silver or gold. You're going to want to get in on the ground floor of this, I think it's really going to take off.

It's getting late and I have a busy day of drinking all day tomorrow in celebration of my Irish heritage, so I have to rest up.

Peace and beer tabs,



going green

A few years ago, it would be obvious that I am talking about the color green, and not the environmental connotation of the word. Since its not a few years ago, I'll clarify. I'm not doing anything good for the environment. I'm just looking for green colored clothes for my St. Patty's celebration this Saturday. Mainly, I'm in the market for green sneakers and a green t-shirt. I headed to the mall after work today. Luckily the American Apparel store just opened up. They had some cute things, I'll have to check back when my mind wasn't focused on green. Anyway, I got 2 plain t-shirts, one in kelly green (my personal favorite shade of green), one in white (I must always layer things now, damn you jcrew). I also picked up this non-green double-breasted cardigan. I think what I love the most about American Apparel is one side of the store is filled with these grandfather-ly cardigans and shiny hipster raincoats. Then the other side of the store is skin tight spandex dresses and glittery leggings in a million colors. It's an interesting mix. They had some cute summery dresses that would be great if they fit well because you could just buy them in every color and be set for the summer. (As much as I love fashion and clothes, I also love not having to think about it..) I'll definitely have to head back there after a few more paychecks.

My green shoe mission did not go so well. Urban only had really obnoxious bright pink, blue, and yellow sneaks. Journeys didn't have any either. At this point I'm pretty much out of stores to check for adorable fashionable sneakers. Sad face. I want something like these, minus the shamrocks.
I almost got a Northface raincoat because its supposed to be crappy weather on Saturday but I didn't because it was like $130. I might go back and get it though. I don't have any form of rain protection. Decisions, decisions.

Peace and kelly greenness,



technological updates

It's late and I'm obviously preoccupied with the Real Housewives of NY, so quickly: I just ordered a MacBook!!!! and a brand spanking new iPod!!!!! (with a freaking 20,000 song capacity, it's going to take me the approx. the rest of my life to fill this baby up). I am going to dedicate most of my free time to recovering from the great iPod crash of 2008 (tragically, all of my songs were deleted) and trying to build up my collection again. And creating the best most fantastic Power Hour for the shore this summer.

Haha, the little girl (in pearls, of course) on Real Housewives just called her mom a lesbo because she kissed one of her friends on the lips. I predict great things for this show.

Peace and exploitative reality tv shows,