going green

A few years ago, it would be obvious that I am talking about the color green, and not the environmental connotation of the word. Since its not a few years ago, I'll clarify. I'm not doing anything good for the environment. I'm just looking for green colored clothes for my St. Patty's celebration this Saturday. Mainly, I'm in the market for green sneakers and a green t-shirt. I headed to the mall after work today. Luckily the American Apparel store just opened up. They had some cute things, I'll have to check back when my mind wasn't focused on green. Anyway, I got 2 plain t-shirts, one in kelly green (my personal favorite shade of green), one in white (I must always layer things now, damn you jcrew). I also picked up this non-green double-breasted cardigan. I think what I love the most about American Apparel is one side of the store is filled with these grandfather-ly cardigans and shiny hipster raincoats. Then the other side of the store is skin tight spandex dresses and glittery leggings in a million colors. It's an interesting mix. They had some cute summery dresses that would be great if they fit well because you could just buy them in every color and be set for the summer. (As much as I love fashion and clothes, I also love not having to think about it..) I'll definitely have to head back there after a few more paychecks.

My green shoe mission did not go so well. Urban only had really obnoxious bright pink, blue, and yellow sneaks. Journeys didn't have any either. At this point I'm pretty much out of stores to check for adorable fashionable sneakers. Sad face. I want something like these, minus the shamrocks.
I almost got a Northface raincoat because its supposed to be crappy weather on Saturday but I didn't because it was like $130. I might go back and get it though. I don't have any form of rain protection. Decisions, decisions.

Peace and kelly greenness,


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