if i had a million dollars...

Here is what I would buy:

Peace Leather Wrap Bracelet - Accessories and Beyond
$176 (picture from shopbop.com)

What a beautiful bracelet. And who doesn't totally love peace? And who doesn't love everyone else knowing that they totally love peace?

Marysia Clutch - Botkier
$395 (picture from shopbop.com)

I love the crisscross leather detail cause it's not absolutely perfect. Plus I've been on a 'white bag for summer' mission.

Blossom Print Tie Neck Halter Top - Catherine Malandrino
$395 (picture from shopbop.com)

Flowery top = beautiful. Yellow pants = bold.
Why do I always fall in love with shirts that do not allow the wearer to wear a bra?? Sad face (sad boobs, actually.)

Mid City Tote - Foley + Corrinna
$444 (picture from shopbop.com)

This color is pretty and unique. I love the shape of the bag and its versatility (carried as shown by the handles or it can be folded over in half and carried with the shoulder strap to create a different look.)

Charlye Pull On Boot - Golden Goose
$1050 (seriously?) (picture from shopbop.com)

Is that actual mud on the heel? Gee I hope it's included in the price! For reals, something about these boots makes me realllly want them. I think I like things that already look destroyed so then I won't worry about destroying them myself..

Runway Angel Dress
Runway Angel Dress - Missoni
$2,390 (picture from neimanmarcus.com)

Love the blue and teal strip contract on the classic Missoni print. It kinda reminds me of one of those giant hippie sweater you get at Habitat. I like.
Glazed Love Treviso Clutch
Glazed Love Treviso Clutch - L.A.M.B.
$525 (picture from neimanmarcus.com)

Oh Gwen, why is your stuff so expensive? I like that this clutch has a handle, so unlike typical annoying clutches that you will want to throw on the ground in the middle of the night instead of carrying it under your arm one more second, this one might be a little easier cause you can carry it with your hand.

Ibiza Tie-Dye Dress - C&C California
$178 (picture from shopbop.com)

I. Like. Absolutely. Anything. Tie. Dye.

True Religion Serena Woven Leather Hobo

Serena Woven Leather Hobo - True Religion
$458 (picture from shopbop.com)

True Religion? Seriously? You make something other then jeans? Perfect white summer hobo. Love the little beads.

Elizabeth & James Fringed Jacket & Stirrup Leggings
This whole outfit (minus the shoes, probably)
Fringed Jacket - Elizabeth & James
Stirrup Leggings - Elizabeth & James
(picture from neimanmarcus.com)

I have such an odd obsession with these stirrup pants..... Well it's not THAT odd, I guess considering they're adorable and unique and made by Mary Kate.

Turnlock Teri Tote - Marc by Marc Jacobs
$428 (picture from shoppingismycardio.com)

Love, love, love the color. Duh. It also looks like it would be easy to clean (I spill alot).

Banded Multicolor Sandal - Marc by Marc Jacobs
$380 (picture from shopbop.com)

Navy = Color of the summer. It looks great with bright green and now, red too. Navy, you are amazing. And who ever thought chunky heels would be back?

Paparazzi Dress - Yaya Aflalo
$555 (picture from shopbop.com)

I can't imagine a place or time when I would ever wear something like this but gosh isn't it so pretty?

Slip-Off Top - VPL
$245 (picture from shopbop.com)

Sexy, sexy. I would buy this and give it to one of my friends who could ...ahem, go braless.

Square Neck Pleated Dress - Vera Wang Lavender Label
$495 (picture from shobop.com)

A spring wedding. And yes, I'm grossed out a wedding is the first event I though of. But it screams classy wedding guest, does it not? Maybe dress it down with a navy cardigan?

Patent Fernanda Gladiator Sandle - Modern Vintage
$225 (picture from shopbop.com)

...channeling Mary Kate...

Mallorca Raffia Double Sole Wedge - Jean-Michel Cazabat
$365 (picture from shopbop.com)

For the ultra rich hippie.

All this and I didn't even break $10,000. I'm pumped that most of the things on my list are summery. It means that it's getting closer. Hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures!

Summer, hurry up.

Peace and fantasy shopping trips,


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