I swear this sweater caught my eye before I even noticed who made it:

(picture from shopbop.com)

Adorable from the front, no? I really love big oversized cardigans. And I think everyone knows my feelings on the color grey. Lovely. I usually don't go for short sleeved sweaters but just wait. The real awesomeness of this sweater isn't revealed until you take a look at the back:

(picture from shopbop.com)

So cool! What a great warm weather cardigan. Open in the back so you'll get a breeze but your arms and shoulders are covered. And as if that wasn't enough uniqueness in one sweater, check this out:

(picture from shopbop.com)

I'm speechless. 

OH yeah, its the Halter Sweater made by none other then the lovely talented fantastic fabulous beautiful amazing Mary Kate Olsen (Ashley had no chance designing this one...) for Elizabeth and James.

Go buy it. Come on, it's only $265. Those Olsen's need a sandwich.

Peace and versatility,


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