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So I've been kind of busy lately. I'm sorry blog, I have neglected you. I started my classes 2 weeks ago and I've been busy because of that and plus I've been tired because of them too, so even when I'm not busy I'm usually sleeping.

Luckily, Bloomingdales had a HUGE insider sale this past weekend, so I have some fun 'look at what I bought' updates:

Ella Moss 'Grace' Color Block Dress Ella Moss 'Grace' Color Block Dress
(picture from Nordstrom.com, cause the Bloom website kinda sucks)

It's really adorable, no? It will be great for the shore. My bra straps will be on display (unless I can find some sort of racerback style, oh that's a good idea...) but oh, well. Oh yeah, its the Ella Moss Grace color block dress and it comes in another color too.

Lucky Brand Jeans Tiki Tie Dye Jersey Dress
(picture from Bloomingdales.com, weird)

It's the Tiki Tie Dye Jersey dress by Lucky. Oh man, summer just can't come soon enough.

(picture from RevolveClothing.com)

OK so this is the Baby Brother blouse by Sanctuary Clothing. I haven't heard of these guys before and this is usually not my style. I'm more of a flowy kinda gal but the print really caught my eye, it's really pretty. Another great summer piece. Yay.

And considering I brought like 22 things into the dressing room and liked almost all of them, I though I did a pretty great job at narrowing it down.

And just a little fashion lesson taught to my by Emily and Courtney:

Aqua Women's One Shoulder Shirred Dress
One shoulder dresses with a normal bottom = looks chic and fashionable (and affordable, too)

ABS by Allen Schwartz V Neck Jersey Bubble Dress
Normal sleeved dress with a bubble bottom = looks like you're wearing a diaper under it.

I also did some dreaded bathing suit shopping... Bloomingdales selection was pretty lame but I did see this Lucky bathing suit there:

Lava Braided Halter Top Lava Braided Hipster Bottom
(pictures from LuckyBrandJeans.com)

Not in my size, obv, but I did come home and order it from LuckyBrandJeans.com, so I'm pretty excited about that.

Oh man, I also forgot to brag about this crazy awesome fantastic DKNY wedges I got at Loehmann's a few weeks ago:

They are called the Bailey. Shown here in brown, but I got them in Natural which I like better then the brown.

Shoe Ratings:
Stability: 9 out of 10
Comfort: 5 out of 10
Fashionability: 10,245,325 out of 10
Price: 10 out of 10 (go Loehman's)

Alright, I have some fashion homework to do.

Peace and strappy wedges,


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