8 songs

Do you have any songs that you could just listen to forever and ever? I mean like sit there and put the song on repeat and just keep listening to it and never get bored or annoyed? (This was stolen from some other blog....)

1. Caress Me Down - Sublime

2. The World at Large - Modest Mouse

3. Throwing Stones - Grateful Dead

4. El Scorcho - Weezer

5. This Must Be the Place - Talking Heads

6. Remix of Ignition - R Kelly

7. City on Down - OAR

8. Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry

Anyway, on a more fashion-y note:

I got the new Nylon this week. Ever since I saw this cover at the airport awhile ago

and bought it, I've been getting free Nylon mags every month. I must have signed up for something but I do not remember doing so. So, thanks Nylon.

It was a Gossip Girls themed and they shot two covers (one with Blake Lively and one with Leighton Meester) and I got the Blake one. She's pretty but her expressions are always a bit strange. Like she doesn't have control over her facial muscles or something. She's wearing an underwhelming Elizabeth & James skirt on the cover that looks like you could probably get something pretty similar at Forever21. Elizabeth & James is pretty hit or miss.

They did an article on Christian Louboutin. I think I'm going to make it a mission to get a pair of his shoes. I think my biggest problem (aside from the money) would be just picking one. The classic black peep toe pump with the red sole is pretty timeless and chic but he makes such fun colorful and decorated shoes that I would almost want to go like crazy with them.

(all pictures from Barneys.com)

Top Row: Xatrinxia, Catenita, No Prive
Bottom Row: Fontanete, City Girl, Hotatio Sling

So I think my favorites are the Xatrinxia and the City Girl. But obviously I'm a label whore and I would want the red sole to be highly noticeable (no flats, wedges, ect.) and so I would probably go with the Catenita. I'll put them on the list of things to buy. Someday. Eventually. Maybe. I though this was interesting, though (from the article): "His creations force the hips to sway a little more, causing the wearer to strut instead of walk..." I interpret this as "His shoes are so high and painful you will look silly trying to walk in them so we're going to call it 'strutting' instead"

I know I really have no place talking about makeup or skin care products since during the week all I really do is shower and used Oil of Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin buttttt I found this to be pretty hilarious. So hilarious, it ALMOST makes me want to spend the $65 and buy it.
Good In Bed Skin Restoring Night Moisturizer
(Good In Bed Moisturizer, Prescriptives.com)

Quoting Nylon: "A good night's sleep and a titillating round (or three) of sex can do a lot for a girl's complexion. Many a beauty company has tried to manufacture the radiant glow that screams, 'I am well-rested and sexually satisfied' with little success. . . . So you wake up looking like you didn't spend half the evening up alone watching a Law & Order marathon"

Oh I hope some girl buys it and puts it on and shows up to work the next day and suddenly everyone thinks she's easy, her boyfriend dumps her because he thinks she's cheating on him, and ya know, everything else happens to her that goes along with being a whore.

OK somebody really needs to start showing me picture of non-gladiator sandals before I go crazy.

Peace and sexy moisturizers,


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Emmiebee said...

Lenny, those shoes are fab. Two weeks until the big move, get ready to rock your christian shoes in the 'yunk... we'll drink cosmos and be fabulous.