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Yesterday while putting away some clean laundry, I realized that I have 16 single socks, all different, all without a mate. 16!!! That's a crazy person number. And I've had them for awhile now, just hanging out in the right hand of my sock drawer, hoping one day they will be reunited with their match (or that the mismatch sock trend will suddenly catch on again). So new goal: throw away allll of my lonely little socks and treat myself to brand new ones. I'll have to schedule a Target trip for sometime in the near future.

Oh god, I just wrote about sock drawer. I've just lost what little audience I had.

Let me try to win you back with some pretty shoe pictures. Like I've said before, I've always wanted to be one of those girls who wears high heels all the time, never complains about hurting feet, and looks fabulous at all times. When summer comes along, I get excited because my ultra comfortable rainbows go with practically every outfit, and even if they don't, who cares because it's summertime and the livings easy. (Yeah, I did just write that) But this summer is going to be different. It all started with those fabulous DKNY wedges. I am determined to wear heels as much as humanly possible.

(picture from shopbop.com)

This beautiful shoe is the Gala Woven Crisscross Sandal from one other then L.A.M.B. Why do you make such gorgeous and expensive shoes? I love the metallic. And the braiding. It looks way vintage which is pretty cool.

(picture from shopbop.com)

And here we have the Draped Patent Wishbone Sandal from Moschino Cheap and Chic. Their shoes are, unfortunately, not cheap at all. I don't really love the color (I'm always thinking about tattoo color clashing though so that could have something to do with it.) But the shape is really neat and unique and quite adorable. Also vintage-y.

(picture from shopbop.com)

Here is the Tab Wedge Sandal by Pollini. Holy crap, these shoes are $710! But they are adorable. These are the kind of shoes that you would look at and look at and finally decide to buy and then never be able to find the right outfit to wear them with. Although brown is just a neutral and yellow is the accessory color of the season....

Oh and these Marc Jacobs wedge sandals I mentioned before are now on sale at the bop for $266.

(picutre from shopbop.com)

Just something to think about...

And of course, a few high heeled sandals you should never, ever buy:

Black and blue together, yuck. Not only are they pretty unattractive, but they also look pretty uncomfortable...

Ahh! Too many straps! Too many buckles! Sweaty feet.

Reminds me of the matrix. And I've never even seen the matrix.

Who has the nerve to charge $350 for these foot atrocities? Well, Opening Ceremony, I guess.

And I'll end with these:

$425!!!!!! People are crazy...
Peace and summer sandals,


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