class rings & power hours

This weekend is my weekendless weekend, if that makes any sense. It's my weekend 'on call' at work which means I should basically be at work all weekend (note: use of word should). I have to be in work at 6AM tomorrow so I am being ultra lame and going to bed right after this post. Silver lining - I'll make a couple hundred dollars so I can un-lame (de-lame?) myself next weekend, hopefully.

My sister is graduating from high school in May and she just got her class ring pamphlet. I was looking at all the options and trying to help her pick out what she wanted a.k.a. trying to convince her that she should not go with a basketball on one side since she was in fact not on the basketball team. I took a look at the pricing sheet and I was shocked. It really makes you feel old when you start a thought with 'Back when I was in high school...' but, back when I was in high school, I kinda remember my ring costing (my parents) like $60 or something. Well, witness inflation at work. The cheapest ring offered was $130 and some of the more fancier styles were over $1000!! $1000!!! This really confirms my intuition that I will most likely be a pretty bad parent... 'Oh $1000 on a class ring, what a great idea honey. Here you go (writing out a $1000 check)... PSYCH, you WISH I loved you that much. Actually mom's going to go buy a new bag. Can't waste a perfectly good check. Oh, and would you mind driving so Mommy's friends can come along and we can drink at lunch? You're a doll.'

So I've finally had some free time and I've started to create my super amazing awesomely fantastic power hour mix for the shore this summer. Now you may think making a power hour just consists of cutting songs off at their one minute mark, however true power hour enthusiasts will tell you there is much more to this delicate craft. You can't simply start a song at it's beginning if the beginning has a long intro or a slow build up. You only have one minute to listen to the song people, you can't waste time on long intros. You want people to recognize the song instantly, take a shot, and sing the rest. So, you listen and listen and pick a good beginning spot. Add on a minute and then listen to the end. Where it ends has to make sense as well, even if it means sacrificing the one minute rule (hey, a power hour with 45 second songs is more efficient in getting you wasted anyway). It can't end in the middle of a word or even a verse really. Best places for ending are right after the chorus before a new verse begins. This whole process actually takes awhile and it gets annoying because you have to listen to the same parts of the song over and over until you have cut it off at just the right place. I worked on it last night and so far I have 20 songs on my power hour list:

Rehab - Amy Winehouse
Remix of Ignition - R Kelly
Sexy Can I - Ray J
Check on It - Beyonce
Temperature - Sean Paul
Crank Dat - Soulja Boy
In Da Club - 50 Cent
Snap Yo Fingers - Lil John
Heartbreaker - Mariah
This is How We Do It - Montell Jordon
College Girls Are Easy - NWA (a classic)
Mo Money Mo Problems - Notorious BIG
Baby I Got Your Money - ODB
Freek-A-Leek - Petey Pablo
Go Girl - Pit Bull
Shoop - Salt N Pepa
Drop It Like Its Hot - Snoop
There It Go (Whistle Song) - Juelz Santana
Work It - Missy
Too Close - Next

While typing out that list I realized it is a rap overload. I need to work more pop and classic rock sing-a-long songs into the mix.

Do you power hour? What are your favorite songs to power hour/pregame/sing/dance to?

My apologies for the lack of fashion related topics. All I am going to wear for the next few days are greasy jeans, old t-shirts, metatarsals (which are steel reinforced work boots to protect my beautiful toes) cause I work in a dirty steel mill. Prettier post next time, I promise, with lots of shoe pictures!

Peace and power hours,


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Emmiebee said...

it's britney bitch... add in some britt britt for me, k-lenny.