thin strap convert

As I mentioned before, I went with the thin strap variety of Rainbows this summer. I wasn't quite sure how I would feel about them because I've been wearing thick straps for years now (and we all know how I fear/resist change). Well, let me tell you, I am fully thin strap converted. This past weekend I had to run out to the foodstore and somehow couldn't find either of my thin strap pairs so I had to put on my old thickies. And ug, they looked awful. Mannish. Not delicate or adorable at all. Gross, even. SO, it's thin straps from now on.

Yesterday after work I decided to treat myself to a little mall trip because of all the overtime I had put in this past weekend. I only allowed myself to go to Victoria's Secret and Macy's because I needed some new underwear and I've had these freaking Macy's gift cards since Christmas and I have yet to find ANYTHING worth buying there. (Sorry if you love Macy's but the one at KOP is seriously lacking). So I got a bunch of Pink undies and also, a new perfume called Oh La La. It smells really lovely. It's described as 'A flirtatious blend of mandarin, cherry blossom, and vanilla...' The bottle is adorable, it has one of those puffer things you squeeze like the old fashion-y perfume bottles. I squeezed the tester at the store and nothing came out so I'm not really sure why I thought it would be a good idea to buy it... But hopefully it keeps working. It just smells... lovely. Finally, I picked up their Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper in Nude. I haven't used it yet because I think I might look a little silly in a sweatshirt with no makeup, frizzy hair, and big puffy lips. So I'll have to wait for a night out to try it. Next to my regular lip plumper they had the lip plumper EXTREME which described itself as 'a dangerously hot combination of Collagen Microspheres and natural GABA..' It struck me as a strange way to advertise a product. Using the word 'dangerous' made me put it down immediately. I guess it's for those makeup rebels who like to throw caution to the wind and live on the edge.

I headed over to Macy's determined to spend these gift cards. I was looking at the only jewelry I like at Macy's: Betsey, Fossil, and Lucky. Nothing too fantastic. Then I saw this rack of turquoise, green, and brown stone jewelry and was immediately drawn over. It was called 'Turn Over A New Leaf' which I found out this morning is like Macy's own eco-friendly promotional brand. But the jewelry was really pretty. I'm a sucker for anything turquoise. Sadly, I cannot find any pictures of the stuff online so you'll have to settle for my amazing linguistic descriptions. I got a bracelet made of different sized natural looking turquoise-y stones. I also picked up two necklaces. One has a round donut shaped tan stone in the center connected to more smaller brown shaped wooden pieces with hemp. The other necklace is 3 strands of different lengths with alternating brown and light green stones. Perfect summer jewelry. They will be great at jazzing up plain sundresses. Jazzy. And I'm pretty sure the whole eco-friendly-ness of the jewelry was canceled out when the cashier put each of the pieces in their own plastic bag...

...23 days until the shore...

Peace and fake eco-friendlyness,


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