ibproufin and tilt

I didn't post yesterday but that's because I had a great day at work and wrote code all day. And most of it even works. Which is pretty neat. Then right after work, I met my mom and we drove down to the Philadelphia Art Museum to do the loop. I ran about 6 miles of the 9ish mile loop, walked the rest. I came home, ate dinner, and literally passed out. Surprisingly, my legs do not hurt as much as I thought they would. But my left hip is in some serious pain, causing me to walk like I have a limp.

I haven't decided if I'm going to take a vacation day tomorrow... I was contemplating saving up my vacation days and staying in Europe the week after Luxembourg, but I don't have anyone to travel with and I'm pretty afraid to do it alone. But I really don't want to pass up a free plane ride to Europe and back (and in first class too, swanky). So I don't know if I should still try to save up my vacation days. AH I hate making decisions...

Anyway, onto more positive thinking: Things I Love Thursday.
Running and the energy it gives you

My parents for everything they do for me
(and no I did not just put this in there because you're reading Mom)

My sister getting into a new school and becoming more independent

Smoothies of any flavor (well, almost any flavor)

Ladder logic and actually understanding what I'm doing at work for a change

A possible day off tomorrow?

And updates on the Wardrobe Taming... I have been trying to wear things from the pile but it's kind of hard considering I can only wear jeans and tshirts or casual shirts to work everyday. Plus I never do anything fun during the week at night to get dressed for. I got rid of all my basic tanks (that I've had since high school) and went to Old Navy to pick up replacements. I've just been going through the pile every night and putting stuff I know I definitely do not want or that does not/will never fit into a trash bag to donate. I'm just trying to work the pile down since it's so huge and taking over my room (oh, when I did my drawers, the entire bottom two drawers ended up in the pile, ops).

So I suppose I can move onto Day Three. While you continue to try to wear items in the pile everyday, now you try to assess whether or not they are worth keeping. Do they make you feel lovely? Or uncomfortable? Could you wear them in different combinations? If any of your 'pile outfits' are outfits you would never ever wear again, and you can't imagine wearing them any other way, then get rid of them. Also, you're supposed to start to think about what items you need that would help you wear the item you already own (like you need a plain grey tank to wear under a certain blouse you have, or long black pants to wear with that patterned sweater you own). Make a list of these items and go out and BUY them! (Sounds fun).

So I guess tonight, if I'm not at the shore, I'll be making a list of items I need to make my current wardrobe more more fantastic, fabulous, versatile, and wearable.

Peace and long weekends,



hola urban outfitters, let's be friends

Oh my, I NEED this dress. With black tights. And a leather jacket. And motorcycle boots.

BDG Flannel Shirt Dress

Love the way this looks too, although calling this a dress is a bit of a stretch. But over jeans? Sign me up.

byCORPUS Bib Dress

This whole outfit is awesome. Plaid jacket with a girly dress. Perfect combination.

Ok, I can't find this picture again on Urban to name the clothes. Sorry.

This sweater looks lovely with the blouse. And, um, those tights are awesome.

Kimchi Blue Crochet Inset Open Cardigan

Not sure what it is about this sweater that made me like it. Maybe it the giganticness. Or the grey color. I'm pretty sure it's not the flamingo, but who knows?

Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Flamingo Sweater

All I know is I need to make a date with Urban Outfitters sometime in the near future. Like, tomorrow. Or Thursday.

Peace and flannel dresses,


to buy or not to buy

Tom Binns Winged Skull Necklace, currently on major sale at net-a-porter. 

I've always wanted one of his necklaces. I really liked the flying f-word (I said f-word because my mom reads this. Hi mom!) ones, but this one might be more wearable say around my grand mom or small children. I like how it's gold and silver, and the chain is really long.

Thoughts? I have until Sunday to decide...

Peace and flying skulls,


wardrobe day 2

Wardrobe Taming Day 2 can be found here. In this phase you have to really look at your discarded pile of clothes. Aside from the pile that needs to be altered or repaired, try to figure out why you're not wearing the items in the pile. Gala suggests trying to wear one item from the pile every day for the rest of the challenge. If you come to find that you really don't like it, or it doesn't fit right, get rid of it. But you have to at least try to incorporate some of these items of clothing back into your wardrobe. You did buy whatever is in that pile, after all.

I'm still kinda in Day 1 since I haven't tackled my drawers yet. I was going to start Day 2 by wearing something from the pile to work, but I woke up 30 minutes later then usual so there was no time for picking out an outfit. Maybe tomorrow.


wardrobe day 1

The before:

Oh gosh, look at all those mismatched hangers. Trash-ay.

And it begins:

Fall/Winter Dresses
(Ella Moss, Express, Max Studio, Free People, BCBG)

I ended up keeping the Max Studio (cause its the most perfect fall/winter/anytime I feel like it dress EVER) and the Free People (cause it's just so cool looking). Everything else is up for debate in the pile. I love, love, love the BCBG one but I have yet to wear it.

Summery dresses that I don't wear too often.

(F21, Urban, F21, Loehmans, Target, F21, French Connection
Urban, French Connection, Gap, Anthro)

I only put back the F21 butterfly dress, the maroon and blue Urban dress, and the feather print Anthro dress. Oh, and the ombre FC one. Everything else went into the pile. They're all pretty crappy dresses, I'll probably end up getting rid of the rest of them.

Dressy shirts and pretty blouses.

(Express, Testament, Anthro, Express
Anthro, Anthro, Anthro, BCBG, Karen Kane, Betsey Johnson)

I had an Anthro obsession this past winter.... The flowery Testament button down, the blue Express shirt, and basically the whole bottom row I decided to keep. I got rid of the navy blue shrug cause I'm not sure what to wear it with.

Boring Business Casual stuff that I never wear but might have to someday so even though it should go into the pile I put most of it back.

(Hmm you can't really see most of this stuff... its mainly from NY and Co, H&M, and Gap...and blah who cares.)

Grey and plaid overload.

(Express, Target, Triple 5 Soul, Loehmans)

I got rid of the Loehmans grey dress. It's kinda boring, and probably pretty unflattering. But I will wear that plaid shirt forever.

Coats, vests, and the martini pants.

(American Eagle, Lehigh University Bookstore (haha), JCrew, Gap, Old Navy)

Kept all the coats/vests except for the furry AE guy. The martini pants had to go into the pile, but I'm determined to keep them...

More coats.

(American Eagle, Goodwill, some department store, Northface, Gap)

So I guess I don't really wear track jackets anymore. Into the pile they go. And since I don't go to Lehigh football game tailgates anymore, I cannot ironically wear a pink and green plaid blazer with a pink polo underneath it... Kept the raincoat.

Laur, that brown vest is yours. I stole it. Would you care for it back?


(DKNY, Free People, Anthro, Jcrew, Jcrew, Juicy
Express, Anthro, Old Navy)

Got rid of the 2 boring brown sweaters. (Laur, that is your Old Navy sweater. I'm sorry for taking so many of your clothes). The Free People had to go into the pile too since it's a size too small (but hey, it was on sale... tags are still on it haha).

More sweaters.

(Jcrew, American Eagle, AE, AE
AE, Ben Sherman)

I had to put all of these into the pile cause I haven't worn any of them in like 2 years, but I might try to keep a few.

Ok there were actually a few more pics but I'm starting to bore myself, so I can't imagine how you guys are feeling right about now. The pile is pretty gigantic. It's on my futon, where I normally sit to blog. So I'm sitting on the giant pile. My butt kinda hurts. So I'll end here. Tomorrow I'll do my drawers and shoes.

Good news: My closet looks great.
Bad news: I can't see my futon anymore.
What the heck and I supposed to do with all this stuff? I could open an ebay store I guess but I don't know who would want to buy some of this stuff...

Peace and inadvertent closet tours,



wardrobe taming a la gala

Well, today is just beautiful. The weather is lovely. It's such a shame that I don't have any windows in my office. Actually, the bigger shame is that I'm actually in my office at 3:30 on a Friday. My family is already down the shore, but I didn't take today off because I only have 4 vacation days left for the whole year... I know, I know feel sorry for me, right?

It seems as if the inspiration for quite a few of my recent posts has come from Miss Gala. Read her blog, if you're not doing so already. Anyway, I was reading through her archives awhile ago and I came across the 8 day 'Wardrobe Taming' series. At first when I read it, I thought it seemed like a lot of work to put into organizing your clothes. But with fall coming up, it seems like the perfect time to thoroughly go through my wardrobe. By figuring out what I already have, what I need and don't need, I think I will be more efficient in my fall shopping sprees.

Read her day one entry here. She instructs you to divide your entire wardrobe into two piles: 'Things I Wear' and 'Things I Don't Wear'. That should be pretty simple. I know I'm going to have a ton of stuff in the 'Things I Don't Wear' pile. I mean, I have a ton of clothes, but I feel like I usually wear the same things over and over. You're allowed to put the 'Things You Wear' back into your closet. Then you have to try to figure out why you don't wear the things in the other pile. Gala suggests making more piles, like 'Things that need to be hemmed/taken in/let out', 'Things I have no idea what to wear them with', or 'Things I don't have the confidence to wear'.

That's it for Day One. I'm hitting up the shore tonight (after some laundry and maybe a run) so I won't get to Day One until probably Sunday night, but I'll try to take pics along the way. I'm excited for a nice organized simplified wardrobe, with plenty of room for new fall clothes. (Oh, and I guess I might have to do this with shoes too. I wear approx 4% of my shoe collection....) So if your wardrobe needs an overhaul, do the 8 day challenge with me and let me know how it goes!

Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend!

Peace and sunny days,



tilt & new shoes

A little Things I Love Thursday, before I head back down to work.
  • Looking forward to finally having a relaxing Friday at the shore
  • Color coordinated family portraits on the beach (sounds cheesy and it is)
  • Being interested in what I'm doing at work and having the day fly by
  • New shoes
  • International travel (Luxembourg here I come)
  • (Maybe) moving out of my parents house?
  • FALL is on the horizon

As I mentioned, last night I bought 2 pairs of boots from Victoria's Secret. I can't wait for fall and I haven't been able to stop thinking about boots, and leather jackets, and black clothes, and sweaters. Anyways here are the boots I picked.

These are the Cuff Motorcycle Bootie by Colin Stuart. I got them in brown because I plan on wearing them with more casual day time outfits and I already have black (and green) motorcycle-esque boots.

These are the Wedge Bootie by Colin Stuart, again. I LOVE the way they look in maple and blonde (white), but I opted for the black for practicality. I have absolutely no idea what makes me think I'll be able to walk in these 4 and 1/4 inch heels, but aren't they fierce?
(both pictures from victoriassecret.com)

Peace and fashion over comfort,



in case anyone cares...

I'm still sick. Sad face. Stuffy, red nose. Thoughts are foggy. Want to be in bed. All the time.

But! I found out I'm going to Luxembourg for a week for work!!! It's not until November, but I have already started to mentally pack and make a list of adorable fall business casual/just plain casual/fancy clothes I need. And, I feel like a fashion blogger zombie because after I saw those studded booties on Karla and Rumi, I had to check out the shoe selection at Victoria's Secret (who knew?). I was tempted to just order the same ones, but I found other ones that were more my style. I ordered 2 pairs of boots. I just took Nyquil so I obviously can't do anything crazy like post their pictures now, but maybe tomorrow.

Peace and healthy vibes,



sick day

I think all these crazy shore weekends are starting to catch up with me. I woke up Saturday feeling pretty crappy. Stuffy nose, sore throat. I stayed down the shore Sunday night with the family to go to happy hour. Yesterday I was sneezing and coughing all day. So today, I took a sick day. I'm at home eating food and watching awesome tv shows like Full House. This whole 'having a job' thing is highly overrated.

But anyways, the point is no fun fashionable updates today because it's hard to type when you're laying on the couch and it's hard to think of things to write when you're taking cold meds. Although I am getting pretty inspired by the Full House sisters outfits... Maybe it's just the cold medicine thought...

Peace and tissues,




When I woke up this morning, I thought it was only Wednesday. But no! Thursday it is! One more day until the beach (what am I going to countdown to after Labor day?).

Here is a little TiLT (Things I Love Thursday) a la
  • Paper Planes by M.I.A.

  • Emails from college friends (love you guys!)

  • Bonus checks!!

  • Listening to the radio at work and making a list of songs to download

  • Getting back into a good running/workout schedule
  • Skinny black pants

  • Boots, leather, sweaters, tights, jeans, FALL CLOTHES

  • MK in Elle UK and building up my jewelry collection

Take a moment to think about all the things you love!

Peace and love,



the tale of the ombre tight disaster

DSC00529 by you.
It all started out according to plan: Rit dye, salt, measuring cup, oven mit.

DSC00530 by you.
I went with the off white version. 

DSC00531 by you.
My little cup of black dye. 

DSC00532 by you.
Here is the 'ombre' version hanging in my garage to drip dry.

DSC00533 by you.
Here is the 'tie dye' version crumpled in a ball.

DSC00534 by you.
The ombre version later on that night. 

You may be thinking to yourself, well fashionhead, these certainly do not look ombre to me. No need to get a dictionary to check the definition people. Cause these tights were a straight up disaster.

Well maybe disaster is putting it a bit harshly. When purplish-grey tights that make your legs look really bruised come into fashion, I'll be the first one ready...

Sigh, they had such potential too. 
DSC00585 by you.
Shirt - Express
Skirt - AA
Shoes - Steve Madden

DSC00603 by you.
Dress - Lux from UO
Shoes - Kate & Kelly or Kelly & Kate or something from DSW

DSC00592 by you.
Shirt - Jagermiester compliments of my dad the bartender
Flannel - Triple Five Soul
Skirt - AA
Boots - Blowfish

I know they're not like awful or anything, just pretty far from what I had set out to accomplish. I don't know, maybe they're still wearable? Thoughts? Opinions? I'm not giving up on this concept though. I fully plan on trying it again. The dye box said to add detergent and I feel that's what made the tights all spotty so next time I'm skipping that part.

I tried to find a more picture friendly background, so I took the pictures this time in front of my closet with my mom's old vanity chair, you know to spice things up. I forgot to clean up all the crap around my feet though. But I think the spot has potential...

Peace and DIY setbacks,



just wait

So I have about a million ideas of things to post about. Like really fun neat creative things. Things that may or may not invove multiple pictures of myself. But it's bedtime and tomorrow I leave for the beach right from work. And, like the irresponsible person I am, I am staying down the shore Sunday night to go to happy hour, waking up at 6AM, and driving to work Monday morning. Therefore, all of these brilliant ideas will just be swimming around in my head until Monday night... On second thought, I better just write them down somewhere...

Peace and happy weekend wishes,



stop making sense

Is it just me, or is this season of project runway kinda ...lame? I don't really love any of the contestants and I haven't seen any awesome outfits. But then again, the challenges have been kinda weird. The Olympic one tonight was bizarre. I like normal challenges where they make pretty clothes.

I dyed tights tonight! I got 2 pairs of off white tights and black dye. The first pair, I tried to do the gradient I had planned to. I don't think its going to turn out really well. I think I dipped the tights too deep into the dye, so they may end up looking all black. The directions said to let them hang for an hour or two, then take them down and rinse them out. I didn't like the way they looked after two hours so I am going to leave them hanging overnight. I'm not sure if this will effect the tights or the dye. We'll see tomorrow, I guess. On the second pair of tights I just crumpled them up and stuck them into the dye. I left them in a little crumpled ball for about two hours, then I rinsed them out. They're hanging dry. I hope they will look kind of tie dyed on.

It's getting late. I'm going to bed. I just wanted to express my hatred for that commercial with the two girls in the dorm room. They 'dance off' while decorating their gigantic dorm room. I'm not sure what annoys me about the commercial the most - I like the song, the decorations they're using are alright. Maybe it's because my freshman dorm room wasn't much bigger then my closet at home and the fact they are portraying dorm room as giant white well lit rooms is a giant lie. Stop lying commercials. Stop giving freshman false dorm room hope.

Peace and bedtime,


a possible solution...

...to my Margiela shoe OBSESSION:

They are the Triumphh from the king of knock-offs, Mr. Steve Madden. Obv I love the Margiels more but the thicker strap across the toes might make them easier to walk in and therefore a bit more practical. They're only available for pre-order now and they won't be shipped until October sometime. But since they cost approx 1/5 of the real Margielas I found on yoox or eluxury or something, these lovlies are actually do-able. They also come in black suede (kinda boring) and purple suede (surprisingly cute and interesting). I would most likely stick with the taupe.

Looks like it might a Steve Madden fall....
These are the Ginn bootie. Personally, I like the black version better but I put this picture up because the bronze metallic showed off the details better. Definitely a possibility..
Ah and here we have the Midory peep toe bootie. They have it in a bunch of colors and fabrics, but I am drawn to this black patent. The black and pewter leather ones are nice too, but they are a bit too similar to my other Steve Madden peep toe booties. Plus this one would look good with the whole skinny jean, motorcycle jacket, rock star boyfriend look I'm going for.

Here is the famous SATC knock-off heel, the Maddiee. I figure if I went crazy and got it in the green snake, it would look so .. knock-off-y. These would definitely add some visual interest to any plain outfit. And I'm not usually a green snakeskin kinda girl, but I could see myself in these.

(All pictures from SteveMadden.com)

Last night I went to the craft store and bought black dye, and also a kind of bleach dye. I also bought more suede straps to make more headbands (!!) and necklace clasps so I can stop using string and scissors every time I want to put my homemade necklaces on or take them off. I also went to CVS and bought off-white tights (and deodorant and sour watermelons) to begin my DIY ombre tights experiment. Hopefully tonight!

Peace and cheap knock-offs,



more pictures of me

July 31, 2008 by you.

DSC00521 by you.

Jeans - Citizens, T-Shirt - Urban, Blouse - JCrew, Blazer - Gap, Wedges - Seychelles, Necklace - South Moon Under

To do: get better at freaking posing for a picture, get a new camera that doesn't make everything weird and blurry, hire a fancy new photographer. It's gonna be a long week...

So this was the night we went to see my cousin perform in Grease. She was the high school principal, so she wasn't on stage a ton but when she was, it was front and center. The play was good. I found certain parts kinda strange for a children's play like the cursing, the violent pelvic thrusting, the middle fingers, and the talking about boobs, sex, and pregnancy. I mean, I know all those things were in the original Grease but they are usually left out of the child performances...

Anyway, I had just worn the pants and jacket to dinner at the Melting Pot (still full from that meal, by the way) and when I find something in my closet I like, I tend to wear it for a few days (For example, I wore the t-shirt and blouse to work the next day with jeans and flip flops...). I would say it's because I like to rework my old clothes and wear them different ways, but it's really just laziness. I wanted to wear the blouse, and since I have an unhealthy need to layer absolutely everything, I put the t-shirt underneath. It was VERY hot outside but I knew they play would be freezing so I packed the white jacket. The necklace was a birthday present (yay presents!). It's a letter K and a star, you can actually see the K in the pictures.

I washed my car tonight for the first time... ever. I've had it for about a year. So that was pretty fun and exciting. Now I'm doing laundry. Looks like there might even be a little room cleaning on the horizon. Wild times.

PS - I spent about $150 at Ulta (it's like a Sephora, but not as big and intimidating. But it still manages to have all the same things. It's magical.) on Saturday so I'm busy putting everything to the test so expect a beauty post.. eventually.

Peace and organizational Mondays,



happy birthday jerry!

Today Jerry Garcia would have been 66. Coincidentaly, I am wearing my dancing bears t-shirt today and I didn't even know it was his birthday. Freaky man...

It seems strange that my 100th post has absolutly nothing to do with fashion...

Ok here are some things Jerry would have worn if he was an wealthy ultra fashionable hippie rockstar lady:

Birds of Paradise Maxi Dress - Anna Sui

Ballerina Column Dress - Matthew Williamson

Chiffon Ruffle Dress - Stella McCarthy

Patchwork Trapeze Dress - Anna Sui

Gypsy Print Top - Just Cavalli

Printed Chiffon Kaftan - Anna Sui

Zigzag Silk Jumpsuit - Tara Matthews

Slinger Flared Jeans - Sass & Bide

Ombre Brushed Wool Coat - Nina Ricci

All pictures from net-a-porter.com

My my, what good taste.. From rocking out on stage to hanging in the tour bus to hitting the clubs, these outfits could do it all.

And 'Touch of Grey' just came on the radio. Happy birthday Jerry!

Peace and flower children,