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Is it just me, or is this season of project runway kinda ...lame? I don't really love any of the contestants and I haven't seen any awesome outfits. But then again, the challenges have been kinda weird. The Olympic one tonight was bizarre. I like normal challenges where they make pretty clothes.

I dyed tights tonight! I got 2 pairs of off white tights and black dye. The first pair, I tried to do the gradient I had planned to. I don't think its going to turn out really well. I think I dipped the tights too deep into the dye, so they may end up looking all black. The directions said to let them hang for an hour or two, then take them down and rinse them out. I didn't like the way they looked after two hours so I am going to leave them hanging overnight. I'm not sure if this will effect the tights or the dye. We'll see tomorrow, I guess. On the second pair of tights I just crumpled them up and stuck them into the dye. I left them in a little crumpled ball for about two hours, then I rinsed them out. They're hanging dry. I hope they will look kind of tie dyed on.

It's getting late. I'm going to bed. I just wanted to express my hatred for that commercial with the two girls in the dorm room. They 'dance off' while decorating their gigantic dorm room. I'm not sure what annoys me about the commercial the most - I like the song, the decorations they're using are alright. Maybe it's because my freshman dorm room wasn't much bigger then my closet at home and the fact they are portraying dorm room as giant white well lit rooms is a giant lie. Stop lying commercials. Stop giving freshman false dorm room hope.

Peace and bedtime,


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Annie said...

Some of the contestants are trying too hard... ahem--BLAYNE, SUEDE! But I love Project Runway and the judges' comments are just as entertaining as ever...