hola urban outfitters, let's be friends

Oh my, I NEED this dress. With black tights. And a leather jacket. And motorcycle boots.

BDG Flannel Shirt Dress

Love the way this looks too, although calling this a dress is a bit of a stretch. But over jeans? Sign me up.

byCORPUS Bib Dress

This whole outfit is awesome. Plaid jacket with a girly dress. Perfect combination.

Ok, I can't find this picture again on Urban to name the clothes. Sorry.

This sweater looks lovely with the blouse. And, um, those tights are awesome.

Kimchi Blue Crochet Inset Open Cardigan

Not sure what it is about this sweater that made me like it. Maybe it the giganticness. Or the grey color. I'm pretty sure it's not the flamingo, but who knows?

Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Flamingo Sweater

All I know is I need to make a date with Urban Outfitters sometime in the near future. Like, tomorrow. Or Thursday.

Peace and flannel dresses,


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