ibproufin and tilt

I didn't post yesterday but that's because I had a great day at work and wrote code all day. And most of it even works. Which is pretty neat. Then right after work, I met my mom and we drove down to the Philadelphia Art Museum to do the loop. I ran about 6 miles of the 9ish mile loop, walked the rest. I came home, ate dinner, and literally passed out. Surprisingly, my legs do not hurt as much as I thought they would. But my left hip is in some serious pain, causing me to walk like I have a limp.

I haven't decided if I'm going to take a vacation day tomorrow... I was contemplating saving up my vacation days and staying in Europe the week after Luxembourg, but I don't have anyone to travel with and I'm pretty afraid to do it alone. But I really don't want to pass up a free plane ride to Europe and back (and in first class too, swanky). So I don't know if I should still try to save up my vacation days. AH I hate making decisions...

Anyway, onto more positive thinking: Things I Love Thursday.
Running and the energy it gives you

My parents for everything they do for me
(and no I did not just put this in there because you're reading Mom)

My sister getting into a new school and becoming more independent

Smoothies of any flavor (well, almost any flavor)

Ladder logic and actually understanding what I'm doing at work for a change

A possible day off tomorrow?

And updates on the Wardrobe Taming... I have been trying to wear things from the pile but it's kind of hard considering I can only wear jeans and tshirts or casual shirts to work everyday. Plus I never do anything fun during the week at night to get dressed for. I got rid of all my basic tanks (that I've had since high school) and went to Old Navy to pick up replacements. I've just been going through the pile every night and putting stuff I know I definitely do not want or that does not/will never fit into a trash bag to donate. I'm just trying to work the pile down since it's so huge and taking over my room (oh, when I did my drawers, the entire bottom two drawers ended up in the pile, ops).

So I suppose I can move onto Day Three. While you continue to try to wear items in the pile everyday, now you try to assess whether or not they are worth keeping. Do they make you feel lovely? Or uncomfortable? Could you wear them in different combinations? If any of your 'pile outfits' are outfits you would never ever wear again, and you can't imagine wearing them any other way, then get rid of them. Also, you're supposed to start to think about what items you need that would help you wear the item you already own (like you need a plain grey tank to wear under a certain blouse you have, or long black pants to wear with that patterned sweater you own). Make a list of these items and go out and BUY them! (Sounds fun).

So I guess tonight, if I'm not at the shore, I'll be making a list of items I need to make my current wardrobe more more fantastic, fabulous, versatile, and wearable.

Peace and long weekends,


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