wardrobe day 2

Wardrobe Taming Day 2 can be found here. In this phase you have to really look at your discarded pile of clothes. Aside from the pile that needs to be altered or repaired, try to figure out why you're not wearing the items in the pile. Gala suggests trying to wear one item from the pile every day for the rest of the challenge. If you come to find that you really don't like it, or it doesn't fit right, get rid of it. But you have to at least try to incorporate some of these items of clothing back into your wardrobe. You did buy whatever is in that pile, after all.

I'm still kinda in Day 1 since I haven't tackled my drawers yet. I was going to start Day 2 by wearing something from the pile to work, but I woke up 30 minutes later then usual so there was no time for picking out an outfit. Maybe tomorrow.

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