the tale of the ombre tight disaster

DSC00529 by you.
It all started out according to plan: Rit dye, salt, measuring cup, oven mit.

DSC00530 by you.
I went with the off white version. 

DSC00531 by you.
My little cup of black dye. 

DSC00532 by you.
Here is the 'ombre' version hanging in my garage to drip dry.

DSC00533 by you.
Here is the 'tie dye' version crumpled in a ball.

DSC00534 by you.
The ombre version later on that night. 

You may be thinking to yourself, well fashionhead, these certainly do not look ombre to me. No need to get a dictionary to check the definition people. Cause these tights were a straight up disaster.

Well maybe disaster is putting it a bit harshly. When purplish-grey tights that make your legs look really bruised come into fashion, I'll be the first one ready...

Sigh, they had such potential too. 
DSC00585 by you.
Shirt - Express
Skirt - AA
Shoes - Steve Madden

DSC00603 by you.
Dress - Lux from UO
Shoes - Kate & Kelly or Kelly & Kate or something from DSW

DSC00592 by you.
Shirt - Jagermiester compliments of my dad the bartender
Flannel - Triple Five Soul
Skirt - AA
Boots - Blowfish

I know they're not like awful or anything, just pretty far from what I had set out to accomplish. I don't know, maybe they're still wearable? Thoughts? Opinions? I'm not giving up on this concept though. I fully plan on trying it again. The dye box said to add detergent and I feel that's what made the tights all spotty so next time I'm skipping that part.

I tried to find a more picture friendly background, so I took the pictures this time in front of my closet with my mom's old vanity chair, you know to spice things up. I forgot to clean up all the crap around my feet though. But I think the spot has potential...

Peace and DIY setbacks,



WendyB said...

Hmmm.....try again with tights that are more opaque?

Wendy said...

I actually think they turned out okay.

Richel said...

I'm sorry about the disaster! I've had my share of bleach disasters as well!