tilt & new shoes

A little Things I Love Thursday, before I head back down to work.
  • Looking forward to finally having a relaxing Friday at the shore
  • Color coordinated family portraits on the beach (sounds cheesy and it is)
  • Being interested in what I'm doing at work and having the day fly by
  • New shoes
  • International travel (Luxembourg here I come)
  • (Maybe) moving out of my parents house?
  • FALL is on the horizon

As I mentioned, last night I bought 2 pairs of boots from Victoria's Secret. I can't wait for fall and I haven't been able to stop thinking about boots, and leather jackets, and black clothes, and sweaters. Anyways here are the boots I picked.

These are the Cuff Motorcycle Bootie by Colin Stuart. I got them in brown because I plan on wearing them with more casual day time outfits and I already have black (and green) motorcycle-esque boots.

These are the Wedge Bootie by Colin Stuart, again. I LOVE the way they look in maple and blonde (white), but I opted for the black for practicality. I have absolutely no idea what makes me think I'll be able to walk in these 4 and 1/4 inch heels, but aren't they fierce?
(both pictures from victoriassecret.com)

Peace and fashion over comfort,


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Wendy said...

I saw those wedge booties on the site and fell in love. Good choice!