wardrobe day 1

The before:

Oh gosh, look at all those mismatched hangers. Trash-ay.

And it begins:

Fall/Winter Dresses
(Ella Moss, Express, Max Studio, Free People, BCBG)

I ended up keeping the Max Studio (cause its the most perfect fall/winter/anytime I feel like it dress EVER) and the Free People (cause it's just so cool looking). Everything else is up for debate in the pile. I love, love, love the BCBG one but I have yet to wear it.

Summery dresses that I don't wear too often.

(F21, Urban, F21, Loehmans, Target, F21, French Connection
Urban, French Connection, Gap, Anthro)

I only put back the F21 butterfly dress, the maroon and blue Urban dress, and the feather print Anthro dress. Oh, and the ombre FC one. Everything else went into the pile. They're all pretty crappy dresses, I'll probably end up getting rid of the rest of them.

Dressy shirts and pretty blouses.

(Express, Testament, Anthro, Express
Anthro, Anthro, Anthro, BCBG, Karen Kane, Betsey Johnson)

I had an Anthro obsession this past winter.... The flowery Testament button down, the blue Express shirt, and basically the whole bottom row I decided to keep. I got rid of the navy blue shrug cause I'm not sure what to wear it with.

Boring Business Casual stuff that I never wear but might have to someday so even though it should go into the pile I put most of it back.

(Hmm you can't really see most of this stuff... its mainly from NY and Co, H&M, and Gap...and blah who cares.)

Grey and plaid overload.

(Express, Target, Triple 5 Soul, Loehmans)

I got rid of the Loehmans grey dress. It's kinda boring, and probably pretty unflattering. But I will wear that plaid shirt forever.

Coats, vests, and the martini pants.

(American Eagle, Lehigh University Bookstore (haha), JCrew, Gap, Old Navy)

Kept all the coats/vests except for the furry AE guy. The martini pants had to go into the pile, but I'm determined to keep them...

More coats.

(American Eagle, Goodwill, some department store, Northface, Gap)

So I guess I don't really wear track jackets anymore. Into the pile they go. And since I don't go to Lehigh football game tailgates anymore, I cannot ironically wear a pink and green plaid blazer with a pink polo underneath it... Kept the raincoat.

Laur, that brown vest is yours. I stole it. Would you care for it back?


(DKNY, Free People, Anthro, Jcrew, Jcrew, Juicy
Express, Anthro, Old Navy)

Got rid of the 2 boring brown sweaters. (Laur, that is your Old Navy sweater. I'm sorry for taking so many of your clothes). The Free People had to go into the pile too since it's a size too small (but hey, it was on sale... tags are still on it haha).

More sweaters.

(Jcrew, American Eagle, AE, AE
AE, Ben Sherman)

I had to put all of these into the pile cause I haven't worn any of them in like 2 years, but I might try to keep a few.

Ok there were actually a few more pics but I'm starting to bore myself, so I can't imagine how you guys are feeling right about now. The pile is pretty gigantic. It's on my futon, where I normally sit to blog. So I'm sitting on the giant pile. My butt kinda hurts. So I'll end here. Tomorrow I'll do my drawers and shoes.

Good news: My closet looks great.
Bad news: I can't see my futon anymore.
What the heck and I supposed to do with all this stuff? I could open an ebay store I guess but I don't know who would want to buy some of this stuff...

Peace and inadvertent closet tours,



Lindsey said...

Hey, I found your blog through google and now I'm curious, what did you end up doing with the pile?? You should just post the pics of stuff you're selling with a price and info about it right on your blog, so at least it's out there and someone could potentially want to buy something. ebay sucks!


Kim said...

I love the anthro dress!