picture book

Here is what my day would look like if it were a (slightly inappropriate) children's picture book:

Hot steel!

IOS map!

Atlantic City!

DKNY Emma Wedges!

Kathy Griffin!

Sea Isle City (duh)



Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace and TGIF's,


the amazing dress

Yesterday while I was getting ready to leave work, I was browsing the American Apparel site. I came across this dress:

It's the cotton spandex jersey bandeau dress. They say it can be worn either strapless or as a halter. But it doesn't stop there! There is this little video thingy that says it will show you 15 ways to wear this dress. So I'm thinking, 15? They're probably all basically same way but with just a few small changes. I got sucked into this video thing. I watched all 15 videos, probably each about a minute long, of this girl who just keeps putting the dress on in different ways. It was pretty crazy, I was amazed. I even stayed at work a little later the usual to finish up the video. The way that is shown at the top is actually one of my least favorites. A better look is when you twist the straps in the front (instead of just crossing them) and then tie it as a halter (shown in the yellow and black versions below). You can also knot it in the front, then tie it as a halter. There were a few strapless versions that seemed neat but I think I would prefer to have some sort of strap. There were about 3 versions where the girl just tucked the straps into the top to make it look like a dress with regular straps or a jumper which looked great but seemed really impractical because the straps were not attached to anything. You can twist the dress to the side and tie the straps over one shoulder to get a cool asymmetrical look. There are 2 versions of the dress as a skirt. They are basically the same thing, one is a high waist and one is a regular skirt, both use the halter straps as a belt. The 14th look is absolutely insane. The girl takes off the dress completely (don't worry, she is wearing a full AA spandex bodysuit), flips it upside down, and steps into it. I'm thinking, what is this girl doing? Then she gathers the bottom of the dress around her neck and ties it at the back to form a cowl-neck halter but since the top of the dress is around her waist, its really fitted. The halter straps are used as a belt at the bottom of the 'shirt'. I can't believe I just wasted 15 more minutes of my life watching this video again. I'm going to need this dress. Now, the question is: What color?

The dress is $36 but there are 15 ways to wear it!!! $2.40 per look. It's like they're giving it away.

Peace and versatility,



red bull

So I've been nursing an unhealthy Red Bull addiction for about 8 months now. I don't drink coffee (bleh) or soda with caffeine (more of a diet ging kinda gal) so I was never a big caffeine drinker. I would have one of those Wawa fake cappuccino machine drinks during finals every once and awhile but that was about it. I started work last year with no regular caffeine schedule. I never needed it before? Why should I need it now? Oh, that right, because I can't skip work and take naps all day like I did in college... I was OK in the beginning but by the end of summer, I would find myself practically drifting off at my desk around 3 while everyone else was on their fourth or fifth cup of coffee. Then I discovered the glorious-ness that is Red Bull (well, I discovered it can be useful outside of a pregame/bar situation). Not soon after, I discovered his skinny calorie conscious sister, Sugar Free. I was hooked. Ever since then, I drink a sugar free Red Bull every morning at work while I eat my breakfast. Recently I've been having trouble sleeping and having some tiny itty bitty pains in my chest which may not at all be related (hey, I'm no doctor) but nonetheless have caused me to attempt to not drink it as much. I usually drink one around 8:30 or 9. I rarely get tired at any point in the day. Yesterday I substituted a Engiva Green Tea Berry drink. I'm not a huge green tea fan but it was fairly tasty. I didn't notice any fatigue at all yesterday (that I can recall... maybe I was just too tired to notice). Today, I decided to go cold turkey. All throughout the mid morning, I'm thinking to myself, maybe it is all mental. I feel fine. I don't NEED NO STINKING RED BULL. People who drink coffee and tea and energy drinks are WEAK and DUMB and shouldn't be allowed to drive a car much less leave the house. And then one o'clock hits. It's so bizarre. I feel like I've suddenly been up for like 2 days straight. I can't finish my thoughts or focus on anything. I can't function like this. I'M ADDICTED. I think those green tea drinks are a little better health wise then the Red Bulls, so I'm going to focus on them next week and see how it feels.
And how does this all tie into fashion, clothes, and shoes? I'm too TIRED / UNFOCUSED / I NEED A RED BULL YOU BASTARD / SLEEPY / DISTRACTED to think of anything funny or fashionable to post. Sad face. Sleepy sad face.
What do YOU do to stay awake?
Peace and caffeine addictions,



summer style

I got many a compliment this weekend on my extensive summer attire, but I still feel as if it's a bit incomplete. Here is what I need:

Life would be easier if shopbop accepted handmade paint pictures as currency.

Marc by MJ Cut Paper Posy Dress

An easy transition from day to evening (aka No Shower Happy Hour)

A Peace Treaty Shehri Handkerchief Scarf

For those chillier days on the beach...when you want to be covered up by something that costs $121.

Diane von Furstenberg Dani Dress

omg How adorable would this lovely thing look with the shoes! It's like they were made for each other...

lisli Swarovski Drape Dress

Can you be casual and elegant at the same time? lisli says yes! Maybe with the lobster necklace? Yeah? Maybe?

Elizabeth and James Petunia Dress

Oh MK why do you tease me with your adorable $325 dresses??

True Religion Bobby Jean

I don't even know why I want these jeans considering I wear dresses at every available moment. But they are cute. Plus I'm over light summery denim.

Virginia Johnson Giant Tote

Adorable little sailboats everywhere. It's also in yellow! Love it.

Tibi Oaxocan Embroidery 3/4 Sleeve Dress

Long name for such a short dress. More of a beach cover up, I think. Another easy day to night transition piece.

Mike & Chris Keller Leather Jacket

Maybe not shore attire, but this would look pretty freaking cool over practically any of the dresses. Namely the Elizabeth and James one... With boots. If only I had approx $1500 to spend on ONE OUTFIT...

Gara Danielle Hammered Cuff

Love the turquoise look of this metal cuff. They have it in silver and black (oh, gunmetal, sorry) but this is definitely the prettiest of the bunch. Plus it's not totally outrageous at $74.

L.A.M.B. Shoes Gala Woven Crisscross Sandal

I know, I know, how many times have I mentioned this shoe? Well, maybe only once. But I've thought about it like a million. I think I remember seeing a fairly identical cheap knockoff somewhere but I can't recall where. Who knew summer and metallic mixed so well? Like Jager and redbull...

Foley + Corinna Handbags Side Saddle Pouch

I've been on the lookout for a purse with a long strap like this one. Bonus, the strap is completely adjustable so it can be shortened to a.. shorter shoulder bag or ...one you hold with you hand. Wow, that was a seriously awful description. I apologize. Sadly I can't even think of a better way to describe what I was trying to say.

Kenneth Jay Lane Snake Pendant Necklace

This is the closest necklace I've found to my adorable giant gold lobster necklace. This one is not quite so gaudy and old lady-ish, so it's really not as appealing...

Charlotte Ronson Shoes Zoe Platform Wedge Sandal

I've been seeing this shoe all over the place. Should I take that as a sign and just get them? I don't want to make the DKNY's mad though....

Kerri Wilder Peace Ring

Ug, I hate peace signs. I'm really more of a violent, vengeful kinda gal. Hippies are dirty losers.

Mayle Mariachi Sun Bag

Yeah, so I was kidding about that whole hippie thing, if you couldn't tell.

Kerri Wilder Buddah Cuff

I miss yoga. OK, I guess I don't miss it that much or I would do it more. I miss saying that I do yoga and having the only thing in my trunk be my yoga mat.

Alica + Olivia Crochet Ombre Dress

Crochet AND Ombre!!?? Can't get any better then that.

(All pics from shopbop.com)

Peace and fake shopping sprees,




It's Tuesday and I'm back at work. The weekend was amazingly fantastically awesome and fun. We left at 4 on Friday, expecting to sit in traffic for hours and hours... and there was no traffic. It was seriously bizarre. Like, was Memorial Day weekend canceled and no one told us? Was there a giant 50 story wave headed straight for the Jersey shore and we were driving to our imminent deaths? Were we really headed in the opposite direction and going to end up somewhere in Ohio? It was strange, and we got down there in about 2 and a half hours (I guess that good traffic karma did really work). We unpacked and settled into our adorable little room. There are about 20 people in the house, and we have 4 bedrooms. The house is pretty awesome. We have a giant living room, 2 decks, and 2.5 bathrooms, plus parking for like 6 cars which is really key. We pregamed for a bit then headed out to the bar. The cover was $10 (seriously?). We were there about a half hour when some douchebag dropped a beer bottle on my foot. It was so painful I started to cry like a little baby, but what I really looked like was a stupid drunk girl who was crying in a bar about boys and stickers when in reality I was just a semi drunk girl crying in a bar about her toe. So that was a tad embarrassing, not to mention sobering. We left soon after that and called it an early night. Saturday and Sunday were filled with running/walking, the beach, visiting with my family and their new puppy, trips to Wawa, BudLights, and Mexican food and drinks. It was a pretty relaxing weekend when we weren't drinking, except we were all up by like 8am every morning, being loud and talking about the events from the night before (like who slept out, who was swinging from our living room rafters at 3 in the morning, and who is that sleeping in our hallway?). I got about 20 hours of sleep the whole weekend, which may not seem awful or horrible, but I require much more to be a functioning human being. Monday was nice, we hit up the beach for awhile but it was pretty cold and windy, so we ended up packing and heading back around 12:30. It was pretty trafficy but we were making ok progress until we got to the tolls and realized that we had spent our last DOLLAR at the bar on Sunday night. This was a problem. The ATM's at the rest stops were all out of cash. No one gave us cash back. We literally only had pennies. The first toll let us through with a little slip that we have to mail in. We were not so lucky on the Walt Whitman toll. Apparently, they don't allow you to mail in your money. We had to pull over to the side of the road and wait for a police officer. He gave us 3 options; have someone bring us the money (Hey mom, would you mind driving down into Philly on the Monday afternoon of Memorial day weekend, crossing over the Walt Whitman into Jersey, turning around and going back across it, meeting me on the side of the road and bringing me $1.50? Thanks, you're the best....), look through your car until you find it (we had already done that, duh) or driving back into Jersey, finding an ATM, getting money out, and coming over again. So that's what we had to do. So annoying but we're so dumb for not even having $2 between us...It made the trip back take significantly longer. By the time I dropped Court off and headed home, it was already 5. Gross. But still, one of the best weekends I've had in awhile and I get to do it again and again and again until Labor Day!

And I'm aware this post had absolutely nothing to do with fashion or clothes or anything like that but I had to discuss my weekend. I wore a lot of dresses and the wedges. Hope everyone's weekend was as entertaining and fun as mine!

Peace and long weekends,



almost there

Last night, I was supposed to go get a detox pedicure. I ended up getting just a regular pedi. Why, you ask? Well, allow me to explain. Yesterday, I was hanging out/working with the the 40 year old engineer men I work with when I casually mentioned my plans for the evening. They started to laugh and pretty much told me that it was not only a dumb idea and waste of money, but also a scam. They were disappointed that my engineering logic had been overruled by my desire to expel toxins from my body (and get pretty toes in the process, bonus). I tried to defend the procedure, but after doing some research (google), I realized that they were probably right and ions in water probably can't suck all of the nasty toxins out of my body through the pores on my feet... After our conversations I couldn't bring myself to spend an extra $30 on the detox portion, so I opted for the regular old pedicure instead. Gross, I feel all toxin-y.

After the pedi, I spend most of the evening perfecting the shore playlist, which was probably a dumb idea cause at like 11 I realized that I hadn't started packing yet. Luckily, all my clothes were still hanging out on my futon, so the packing part was pretty easy. I basically shoved my lesportsac full with as many adorable dresses (the new Lux ones, and old black Lux classic, a Juicy jumper-esque one, and the feathery Anthro one I just bought on sale), wedges (you know, my lovers), jewelry (crazy necklace lady!!) , jeans (3 different pairs of jeans is reasonable for 3 days at the shore, right?), shorts, adorable tops, hair accessories (it might be the public debut of the homemade leather headband) as it could handle. Oh yeah, plus sneakers, socks, sports bras, and tshirts because I plan to repair all the damage I do to my body at night by running a lot during the day, and come out basically even.

It's pretty amazing how fast I can get into work when I want to leave early. I was out of bed by 6:30 and in work by 7:30. Between you and me, it's been a fairly unproductive day. I've mainly been texting and googlemaping, trying to coordinate schedules, departure times, and routes down to the shore. Oh, and I also made time to pick up a giant tomato pie on my lunch break (remember that damage to my body that I mentioned?) I showered and did my hair last night so I could immediately start to drink once I arrived at our fantastic amazing awesome house. I hoped to avoid wearing a hard hat all day, but no luck. (Oh, and that wasn't a joke, hard hats are a requirement at the mill... And I'm trying to get away from the girlish pouting thing I tend to do when I'm trying to get out of the boy-like stuff that is sometimes required of me. It's a tad unprofessional. So instead voicing my inner thoughts (Oh but that will ruin my hair!) I sucked it up and put on my hard hat...) I only had it on for about 10 minutes, so hopefully it didn't damage my perfectly imperfect hairdo...I've been listing to the mix all day at work to get pumped up and make sure it all sounds all right. I'm pretty proud of it, and I think even my mixmaster friend Hail would be proud as well (Hi Hail!). It's a great combination of classic rock, regular rock, old old rap, techno dance crazyness, 90's pop, some newish punk stuff, and of course the current hits. Oh yeah, and jock jams. I threw in a few country songs that I know only I will appreciate, and will probably be skipped over, but who knows?

And final arrangements have been made. I am leaving work around 3:40 and picking up Courtney at the train station. We will then proceed make the dumb move of leaving for the Jersey shore, at rush hour, on the Friday memorial day weekend. The ride is usually a little less then 2 hours, and I'm hoping it won't take us more then 4...

I would promise fun fashionable picture, but I still don't have a camera. So, no fun pictures for you. I'll do my best to describe everything vividly and wittily. (Ok, so I thought I made wittily up, but unfortunately it's a real word.)

Hope everyone has a peaceful, safe, amazing, awesome weekend! Posting will resume Monday if you're lucky, but more likely on Tuesday.

Peace and good traffic karma*,


*and I know that no amount of good karma is going to help with the impending traffic situation, but I had to throw it in there....


abusive department store relationships

So I went a little crazy the last night and hit up the other side of KOP (the side without Urban & Bloom). I headed into Nordstrom first. They were having a giant sale which should have excited me but really just annoyed me because of how crowded it was. While I was checking out the shoes, two people asked me if I needed help. No, thanks. Just looking. I headed up the stairs to the clothing section and wandered around a bit. Need any help, hon? No, I'm fine. Can I start you a room? Oh, sure, these 2 shirts were starting to hurt my wrist... Finding everything ok? Yep, doing fine thanks.... Can I start you a dressing room? Oh well I already have one but ok.... How's everything fitting? Need any more sizes? No thank, I'm all set. Good lord these ladies were ...talkative. Helpful... but talkative. I walked out of the dressing room and there was a girl standing right there (How long had she been there? You can see right through those dressing room slats!) - How'd everything work out? Oh.. great. Can I take what you're not getting? Sure, as I handed her all but one of the items I brought in. Oh, that dress is beautiful! Haha, yeah, I know, that's why I'm buying it lady. As I took out my wallet to pay for it - OMG is your wallet from Anthro? Oh, yeah it is... I love it! SO cute! I left feeling a bit tired from all the responding I had to do.

As I was leaving I was thought back to my last shopping trip at Bloomingdales. I wandered around for about a half hour, slowly gathering approx 15 different things, carrying them all (serious wrist hurtage) and never once did anyone ever ask me if I needed help, or at least offer to start me a fitting room (Actually, they did offer to start me a fitting room one time when I had about 11 things. When I went back to find my stuff, they had put it all back... The dumb blond lady was like 'Oh, sorry' while creepily staring into the distance.) Once in the fitting room, which I had to pretty much just walk into myself cause no one was around, there's no chance of anyone getting you a different size if you need it. But somehow I alwayssss find more things, try on more things, and definitely buy more things at Bloomingdales...

Then I got to thinking, it's like Bloomingdales is my abusive boyfriend who is mean and controlling. But I keep going back to him. Cause, we're in love. And on one sees it but us. And he's not always this way. Like last week, he told me he wanted to take me out to dinner. We didn't end up actually going but it's my fault, really. He was tired. And my friends they just don't understand our love, I think some of them are even jealous and that's why they don't like him. Oh, and he has a motorcycle.

And then I met Nordstrom. Like, maybe at work. He is super nice and funny. He buys me coffee and drops by my office just to chat. He reads to blind kids at night and visits nursing homes on weekends. He tires to take me out to dinner but ehhh, he's cute and funny and smart all but... too nice. Plus I keep getting distracted by the hot new guy they just hired from Harvard, Neiman Marcus.

Peace and department store boyfriends,



if you think this is too many necklaces...


...well, you would be wrong. MK told me 7 is just the right amount. And give me a break, I'm still using my webcam 'photo booth' and my room has one light in it.

Coming soon, grandma chic. (Oh yeah, get excited, cause my grandma is one chic lady.)

Peace and crazy necklace layering,


clothing inventory

So I was taking a casual clothing inventory last night in preparation for the shore (oh, you didn't know? I'm going to the shore this weekend.) In case you have never taken a clothing inventory before, it's a little less time consuming then a full on fashion show (plus the big bonus, for me at least, is that you can do it when you get home from the gym and haven't showered yet without smelling up all of your pretty clothes), but with basically the same results. I take out all of my pretty dresses and line them up on my futon, like they are my fashionable friends hanging out.. on my futon. Anyway. I bring out all of my shoes and accessories to determine what I have, what goes with what, and what I need. I am pretty set in the shoe department (oh, you didn't know that I fell in love with a pair of shoes?) and I have been buying necklaces like a crazy person (oh, you didn't know? I'm a crazy necklace buying person). I was just bragging to one of my loyal admirers about how many dresses I have, how I am like the queen of adorable dresses, how I'll probably never have to buy another adorable dress again because of how many adorable dresses I already have, etc. So you can imagine how shocked I was to find that I only really had 2 acceptable dresses for shore time shenanigans. Both from Urban, both by Lux. Having 2 dresses for 2 nights would be fine for, I don't know, unfashionable people who are dumb. But I know that I will need as least 3 options for each night, which amounts to approx 18 different outfits. If you think that I may have made a math error, you are probably using regular numbers math and not girl math, and certainly not fashion math. OK I should probably round this up before I start to sound... crazy. Basically, the end result is the inventory necessitated a trip to KOP today after work before I head to the gym.

And if you're as in love as I am with Anthro, then you probably get their emails too. But in case you don't have an email address or you're allergic to computers, their super secret loyal-fans-only presale starts today. The regular people sale starts tomorrow, but you're not just a regular person, are you? Shop today! Feel special! And goddamnit that crazy high waisted floral skirt I bought a few weeks ago is on like crazy half off sale. And I haven't even worn it yet. Grr... And also, I just realized that if you're allergic to computers, you wouldn't be able to read this blog... Man I'm dumb. At least I'm not unfashionable...

Peace and fashion math,



everyone loves a sale

Plus, it gives me something pretty to look at on my lunch break...

I only checked out the 30% off stuff (so far) but there were a few winners:

Here is the Seven Jean Roxanne Crop. They're black, if you couldn't tell. I'm not sure what drew me to them... I'm not usually a black cropped pant kinda gal. But I can see how they would become useful in the summer if I ever got tired of wearing dresses (however unlikely that is).

They are down from $170 to $120.40. But then of course I would need black summer wedges, which I really don't have time or money for... Not to mention shirts to wear with them, seeing as how my closet consists mainly of dresses. It's like giving a mouse a cookie.

(ps - Don't her shoes looks extremely painful? Her poor toes look so squished...)

And here we have the Airliner Jacquard Magazine Clutch from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I saw this clutch awhile ago and I really like it. I don't really like blatant advertising on my purses but you can't really tell it says Marc Jacobs all over it until you get up pretty close...So I would just have to keep my distance from, well, everyone in order to maintain my mysterious-I-don't-care-for-name-brands exterior.

But it's so pretty and sophisticated. I am seriously considering jumping on the giant clutch bandwagon (anything that's good enough for MK is good enough for me).

A lot of cute shoes, and since I don't feel like importing any more pictures (it's semi challenging and annoying to get them to look how you want), I'll just link to them. In a neat little list.

1. Paul & Joe Libra Multi Wedge Sandal (7 of 10)

2. Marc by MJ Banded Multicolor Sandal (9 of 10)
And yes these are the same ones I've mentioned about a million times, I should probably just shut up and buy them

3. Tashkent by Cheyenne Sanchez Metallic Linen Sandal (10 of 10)
Perfection in shoe form

Finally, the most reasonable/likely purchase of the bunch. This adorable little white dress is the Caitlin Short Sleeve Dress by Velvet. Originally $108, now on sale for $75.60. It's a cute shape and I loooove the back. I would be kinda nervous about the length. It says it's 33" long, whatever that means. It looks quite short on that model but of course she probably has a good 5" on me (hey, if it was too short maybe I could wear it with those black Seven crop pants... no, no, no, I'm just going through sale disillusionment..) Plus, it has pockets!

Courtney, when you buy this, you should totally tell everyone it's real vintage and you found it for like 35 cents at some Salvation Army.

There is a lot of wintery stuff, a ton of grey, wool, long sleeves, silk... Stuff that would have been perfection about 3 months ago, but I guess that's why it's a sale...

Peace and black cropped pants (should I get them?),



I wonder...

...if you took a picture of your reflection in a 'skinny mirror', would the picture of you look thinner?

Hey, it's a valid thought. (Well, maybe its not). The mirror in my bathroom at work is a hardcore skinny mirror. Well, not this hardcore, but it still boosts my self esteem every time I make a trip to the b.r. (hey, if the Brits can call it the w.c., I can call it the b.r.) I'm thinking of holding some fashion shows in there. It will be nice and private considering the steel mill is about 97% men... But it would be pretty awk if one of the 2 ladies that do work there happened to wonder in while I was snapping shots of myself.

Peace and reflection deception,


one track mind

If you couldn't tell, I haven't been able to stop thinking about summer and the shore...

1. Grass > Sand

2. That lemonade has vodka in it

3. Apparently I equate bikes with summer

4. How adorably hippie are those striped blue shorts?

5. I am surprised there are only 2 tie dyed items on this collage

6. It's really neat that my numbers formed a pyrimid..................................

Peace and lime green drink mixers,



9 miles

I woke up this morning and ran 9 miles. Outside. With no headphones. It was pretty awesome. We went down to Philly and did the loop around the Art Museum and Boat House Row. It was really pretty and the weather was perfect. It almost made me miss rowing. Almost. Then I came home and slept until dinner. All in all, a pretty nice and relaxing day.

This time next week, I will probably be chugging lemonades and borderline blackout at Sunday happy hour down the shore. I can't believe it's less then a week away! Last night Courtney and I (how 'bout that grammar) went to BJs to stock up on essentials (700 solo cups, industrial sized crystal lite packets for the vat, giant canister of pretzels, toilet paper..). It's all sitting out in my car. This is going to be one looooooong week at work (expect a lot of updates because I'm going to be pretty antsy). I am going down to Delaware Monday after work to stock up on discounted tax free booze. I am getting a detoxing pedicure on Tuesday night (which should be pretty interesting..). I am getting my hair cut and colored on Thursday. What a jam packed week. There probably won't be much time for shopping or anything fashion related (good thing I have about 7 dresses in my closet with the tags on them still). But somehow I always manage to make time...

I picked up some pretty things at the mall on Saturday with Rachel. Oh! I'm going to Polyvore them, get excited.

The dress and the jewelry is from Urban Outfitters. How cool is the back of that freaking dress? The print is adorable too. Haven't figured the bra situation out yet.... My friend Rachel said this was the dress she saw online and wanted but they didn't have it in her size. So I was like duh, try it on here (she didn't care for my printed version but they had a lovely purple color) and she was like no, it's too bright for me. Too bright? Oh just try it on! I think I might have yelled at her. I pretty much try on anything I think is pretty regardless of the color, style, or shape cause why not? I don't understand when people automatically think they won't like something on a hanger. You really have no idea until you try it on. Anyway long story short, she tried it on and bought it (I'm pretty sure) so fashion horizons were expanded. You're welcome.

Both of the shoes are Blowfish from DSW. They are kind of similar in concept (flat, white...) but I couldn't decide between the 2 (ok, I could decide but I just wanted them both anyway). I figure I can wear the pair on the left to work with jeans and an adorable blouse. And I can wear the pair on the right to work.. with jeans.. and an adorable blouse... when I'm feeling saucy (btw they are called Swiss Cheese which I thought was adorable, how could I resist?). I was wearing jean shorts at the mall when I was trying them on and I def felt like Amy Winehouse, minus the beehive.. and the crack addiction.

Peace and Sunday happy hour lemonades,



red hot summer

2 posts in one day? A bit unconventional, yes, but I had to show off my first official polyvore creation entitled 'Red Hot Summer'. It was inspired by SUMMER (duh) and also my boredom.

I usually don't go for red but this kinda came together naturally and the result was... overwhelmingly red. Strange. It's vintage inspired, obv. The theme of the summer: pretty sundresses and wedges. And blisters. Ow. And bicycles!

Hope you like it!

Peace and inspiration,


big news (sorta)

So let me give you a background of my relationship with cameras (both digital and disposable). I had a ton of disposable cameras throughout high school and into freshman year of college. Usually, I would take about 17 of the 20 pictures, forget about it, find it approx 3-4 months later and maybe get it developed but usually just throw it away. A moment of silence for all those lost (drunk) memories.

Then sophomore year, all my friends started to get fancy digital cameras. I always meant to buy one but I never got around to it. Mainly because when all your friends have cameras and take billions of shots of not only the same night, but the same actual picture, why waste your money on a camera of your own? Plus when you own your own camera, you have to carry it around (obvious, I know, but I am lazy and like to carry as little stuff as possible) plus you have to worry about it getting ruined or broken or stolen (or, you can not worry about those sorts of things and actually get your camera ruined, or broken, or stolen...), PLUS you have to remember to actually take it out and use it. A lot of work, if you ask me. Especially when I can just steal other people pictures. (Apparently I was into this tactic freshman and sophomore years because I just rediscovered my old webshots account with like, 6 or 7 albums of stolen pics...)

For my 21st birthday my parents bought me a digital camera which was completely unexpected. I was grateful, of course, but I never really got around to using it (batteries... just another annoyance). I have no idea where that camera is today.

My sister is big into cameras and taking pictures so my thing for awhile was to borrow her camera for certain exciting events (Halloween, fancy bowling, new tattoos, bar crawling). That seemed to work out well because I had a camera pretty much whenever I wanted it but I never had to commit to actually buying one.

Then... St. Patty's Day happened. Dun dun dun. We went on an all day bar crawl in my old neighborhood. Sometime at the 4th (3rd?) bar, I managed to lose not only my shamrock sunglasses and giant leprechaun hat (truly a tragedy), but also my sister's camera (and all the ridiculous pictures of myself and others in the aforementioned accessories)... I had to take her to walmart the next morning and buy her a new one which put a severe damper in my adorable clothes/fashionable accessories/extravagant shoe budget. She had the camera for about a week before the lens broke. (Coincidentally, the camera broke at another St. Patty's Day bar crawl the next weekend but this time it was not my fault... Not that I remember, at least...)

My family is not known for 'getting things done' especially at a 'rapid pace' so basically we just sent the camera back for repairs this past week. The point of this rambling post about cameras is once we get the camera back my sister has decided to give it to me and buy herself a new fancy semi professional one with the big lens. I'm excited (mainly cause I paid for it in the first place) to have a camera, especially for the blog. So I guess the real point of the post is:

But don't get, like, too ready cause it's still awhile until we get the camera back. So, chill out for awhile. Yeah.
Hmm I can't think of anything particularly fashion-y to write about. My friend Rachel is coming to shop at KOP this weekend before her big move to Hong Kong for her job and she has appointed me tour guide and personal shopper/stylist (ok, maybe I appointed myself..) so I'll have some lovely KOP updates next week.
Also - Winona from DaddyLikey (my blogging idol for sometime now) commented on my little blog yesterday! I feel like I just met a celebrity haha. I have been catapulted into blog superstardom. I'm going to need business cards. And an assistant. And an iced latte (and I don't even like coffee) Stat.
**ONE WEEK** til the shore. So much to do!
Peace and good camera karma,



In my daily blog reading yesterday (which consists of scrolling down DaddyLikey and reading everything she tells me to) I came across not one but two entries about the site Polyvore. Taking this as a sign, I visited the site and created an account (thefashionhead, duh). What another fantastic waste of time! It's just lovely. Basically its a place where you can build fashion collages. They have pictures of tons of items of clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. Plus you can import your own pictures. So you just search for what you like and drag them onto the screen where you create your set. You can play with backgrounds and words and photos. It's pretty neat. I am annoyed that thumbnails of the items are so darn small but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I've been busy wasting a lot of time building pretty collages of pretty clothes that I own or would like to own. I made a day to night look and a tie dye collage. Hopefully I'll have them ready to show off soon. Some people have made some AMAZINGLY creative beautiful artistic sets. Check it out!

Yesterday I went to the food store after the gym (best idea if you want to buy all healthy foods) and I bought dried fruit and it's delicious! I don't know why I was so scared of trying it. How silly of me. It's like candy you don't feel bad about eating (if you ever felt bad about eating candy...). Also I went to the gym this morning. Yes, this morning. Meaning I have already accomplished more this morning then I usually do all day.

Today I wore my everlasting summer tank to work under my flowy gap blouse. And my coral octopus necklace. I look pretty adorable.

Peace and polyvore-ing,



pretty dress

I was checking out the Urban website and one of the dresses I bought is up on there now. I was immediately drawn to this dress because of the beautiful colors and the ombre bottom and the graphic top and the shape ...ok basically everything about it.

It's not really a 'going out' dress but I'm thinking it will work for my sister's graduation or maybe a family shore party.

Ohh they have a ton of cute jewelry... Might have to make a stealth purchase at work...

I went to Loehmann's to use my 20% coup. I was THIS CLOSE to buying another pair of the DKNY Bailey wedges that I got last time just to have a backup (yes, they are THAT good) but there was another DKNY sandal that caught my eye. It's an espadrille and it ties around your ankle. I usually don't go for the tie sandals because I can never tie them right and they always come loose and undone but these were different because you only tie them once (meaning you don't have to wrap them around your ankles) so they were more comfortable. I also picked up a pair of Paige jean shorts, which is a pretty bold move. Hopefully I actually wear them... I got 2 Free People sarongs for the beach mainly cause they were on sale and they came with a little instruction book with 5 ways to tie them, adorable. I also got 2 necklaces; one is gold with a coral octopus, and one is a giant gold lobster. They're pretty hilarious. I can't wait to wear them down the shore and feel like an old lady. (16 days, but who's counting?)

Now for some quick product reviews: I got a new lip balm from Bath and Body Works. It's by C.O. Bigelow and its lemon flavored and it's delightful. I also got this 'tan extender' spray which you're supposed to spray on yourself after you go tanning or layout to extend the tan. I used it this past weekend before going out and it was way too glittery and I didn't like it at all... But I feel like I'll be more inclined to use it down this shore where being covered in gold giltter is more socially acceptable... We'll see. Also, an update: the perfume I got from Victoria's secret is still awesome and smells lovely and I haven't had any problems with the bottle, so it's all good.

On the To Buy list: a lot of books to read on the beach/deck, speakers for my ipod so I can properly DJ the summer, dresses, dresses, dresses.

Peace and glitter,



sad face

Sad face, indeed. I got an email from the ladies over at Hautelook saying that there was too much traffic on their site during the Jovovich Hawk sale and my dress that I already paid for is actually sold out. So I am not in fact the proud owner of an adorable polka-dot Jovovich Hawk dress. They're giving me my money back plus a $20 store credit which was very nice of them. I decided to comfort myself/celebrate being $200 richer today by stopping by Anthropologie. Good move. It is an unbelievable store, by far my most favorite clothing store. Like, ever. Of all time. I always find at least 11 things to try on and usually I have more trouble deciding what not to buy. Today was no exception. I tried on a ton of stuff and somehow narrowed it down to 3 pieces. For some reason I can't figure out how to get Anthro pictures into the blog, so links will have to do.

First I got this Odille floral skirt because it's just so pretty. Not sure how I'm going to wear it yet. It's pretty high waisted and since I'm so short it's also pretty long so I think I'm going to go with a plain tucked in shirt. I'm not usually a fan of the tucking but I feel like an untucked shirt would make it pretty shapeless. We'll see. Isn't it just beautiful though?

Then I decided on this jersey tank top by RicRac. It's Ella Moss-ish but fairly cheaper. I love the colors. It just reminded me of summer the moment I saw it. Coincidently, it's called the Everlasting Summer Tank. Just a few more weeks until the shore!!

I had stalked out this dress since the fall (I think). It's not on the website but its a black white grey feather print dress with a green belt. It finally went on sale. It's a little fall/winter-ish but I think it could easily transition into springtime with the right shoes. I'm pretty much going to wear it not matter how well it transitions...

And the honorable mentions....

This lovely Ella Moss dress. Its cute but too ...stripy. And it kinda looks like something I could get for like a quarter of the price by someone not as lovely as Ella...

What a beautiful summer dress. It kinda looked strange on. I think it might have been static cling-y. Plus where would I wear something like that?

Loved the color of this tank. The straps were kinda strange. Too billow-y.

Almost almost almost got this one. So summer-y and cute. Plus it goes along with my new crisscross strap obsession... In between sizes. Wah.

Tried to pick up some jewelry but I couldn't really find anything I liked enough to spend that kind of money on. Instead, I online shopped at Forever21 and found a few cute items.

Boy do I love leafs. Couldn't decide between the silver and gold but hey, when they're only $10 you can go crazy and get both. And oh I don't know, LAYER THEM. So adorable.

Pretttty earrrrrings. Mmm coral. I have apparently abandoned my search for posts....

I can't wait to 17,245,237 necklaces at once. Layers, baby, layers.

Channeling MK with the giant rings. On every finger. All this for $46? Can't beat it with a stick.

Peace and cheap jewelry,