pretty dress

I was checking out the Urban website and one of the dresses I bought is up on there now. I was immediately drawn to this dress because of the beautiful colors and the ombre bottom and the graphic top and the shape ...ok basically everything about it.

It's not really a 'going out' dress but I'm thinking it will work for my sister's graduation or maybe a family shore party.

Ohh they have a ton of cute jewelry... Might have to make a stealth purchase at work...

I went to Loehmann's to use my 20% coup. I was THIS CLOSE to buying another pair of the DKNY Bailey wedges that I got last time just to have a backup (yes, they are THAT good) but there was another DKNY sandal that caught my eye. It's an espadrille and it ties around your ankle. I usually don't go for the tie sandals because I can never tie them right and they always come loose and undone but these were different because you only tie them once (meaning you don't have to wrap them around your ankles) so they were more comfortable. I also picked up a pair of Paige jean shorts, which is a pretty bold move. Hopefully I actually wear them... I got 2 Free People sarongs for the beach mainly cause they were on sale and they came with a little instruction book with 5 ways to tie them, adorable. I also got 2 necklaces; one is gold with a coral octopus, and one is a giant gold lobster. They're pretty hilarious. I can't wait to wear them down the shore and feel like an old lady. (16 days, but who's counting?)

Now for some quick product reviews: I got a new lip balm from Bath and Body Works. It's by C.O. Bigelow and its lemon flavored and it's delightful. I also got this 'tan extender' spray which you're supposed to spray on yourself after you go tanning or layout to extend the tan. I used it this past weekend before going out and it was way too glittery and I didn't like it at all... But I feel like I'll be more inclined to use it down this shore where being covered in gold giltter is more socially acceptable... We'll see. Also, an update: the perfume I got from Victoria's secret is still awesome and smells lovely and I haven't had any problems with the bottle, so it's all good.

On the To Buy list: a lot of books to read on the beach/deck, speakers for my ipod so I can properly DJ the summer, dresses, dresses, dresses.

Peace and glitter,


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