clothing inventory

So I was taking a casual clothing inventory last night in preparation for the shore (oh, you didn't know? I'm going to the shore this weekend.) In case you have never taken a clothing inventory before, it's a little less time consuming then a full on fashion show (plus the big bonus, for me at least, is that you can do it when you get home from the gym and haven't showered yet without smelling up all of your pretty clothes), but with basically the same results. I take out all of my pretty dresses and line them up on my futon, like they are my fashionable friends hanging out.. on my futon. Anyway. I bring out all of my shoes and accessories to determine what I have, what goes with what, and what I need. I am pretty set in the shoe department (oh, you didn't know that I fell in love with a pair of shoes?) and I have been buying necklaces like a crazy person (oh, you didn't know? I'm a crazy necklace buying person). I was just bragging to one of my loyal admirers about how many dresses I have, how I am like the queen of adorable dresses, how I'll probably never have to buy another adorable dress again because of how many adorable dresses I already have, etc. So you can imagine how shocked I was to find that I only really had 2 acceptable dresses for shore time shenanigans. Both from Urban, both by Lux. Having 2 dresses for 2 nights would be fine for, I don't know, unfashionable people who are dumb. But I know that I will need as least 3 options for each night, which amounts to approx 18 different outfits. If you think that I may have made a math error, you are probably using regular numbers math and not girl math, and certainly not fashion math. OK I should probably round this up before I start to sound... crazy. Basically, the end result is the inventory necessitated a trip to KOP today after work before I head to the gym.

And if you're as in love as I am with Anthro, then you probably get their emails too. But in case you don't have an email address or you're allergic to computers, their super secret loyal-fans-only presale starts today. The regular people sale starts tomorrow, but you're not just a regular person, are you? Shop today! Feel special! And goddamnit that crazy high waisted floral skirt I bought a few weeks ago is on like crazy half off sale. And I haven't even worn it yet. Grr... And also, I just realized that if you're allergic to computers, you wouldn't be able to read this blog... Man I'm dumb. At least I'm not unfashionable...

Peace and fashion math,


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