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Last night, I was supposed to go get a detox pedicure. I ended up getting just a regular pedi. Why, you ask? Well, allow me to explain. Yesterday, I was hanging out/working with the the 40 year old engineer men I work with when I casually mentioned my plans for the evening. They started to laugh and pretty much told me that it was not only a dumb idea and waste of money, but also a scam. They were disappointed that my engineering logic had been overruled by my desire to expel toxins from my body (and get pretty toes in the process, bonus). I tried to defend the procedure, but after doing some research (google), I realized that they were probably right and ions in water probably can't suck all of the nasty toxins out of my body through the pores on my feet... After our conversations I couldn't bring myself to spend an extra $30 on the detox portion, so I opted for the regular old pedicure instead. Gross, I feel all toxin-y.

After the pedi, I spend most of the evening perfecting the shore playlist, which was probably a dumb idea cause at like 11 I realized that I hadn't started packing yet. Luckily, all my clothes were still hanging out on my futon, so the packing part was pretty easy. I basically shoved my lesportsac full with as many adorable dresses (the new Lux ones, and old black Lux classic, a Juicy jumper-esque one, and the feathery Anthro one I just bought on sale), wedges (you know, my lovers), jewelry (crazy necklace lady!!) , jeans (3 different pairs of jeans is reasonable for 3 days at the shore, right?), shorts, adorable tops, hair accessories (it might be the public debut of the homemade leather headband) as it could handle. Oh yeah, plus sneakers, socks, sports bras, and tshirts because I plan to repair all the damage I do to my body at night by running a lot during the day, and come out basically even.

It's pretty amazing how fast I can get into work when I want to leave early. I was out of bed by 6:30 and in work by 7:30. Between you and me, it's been a fairly unproductive day. I've mainly been texting and googlemaping, trying to coordinate schedules, departure times, and routes down to the shore. Oh, and I also made time to pick up a giant tomato pie on my lunch break (remember that damage to my body that I mentioned?) I showered and did my hair last night so I could immediately start to drink once I arrived at our fantastic amazing awesome house. I hoped to avoid wearing a hard hat all day, but no luck. (Oh, and that wasn't a joke, hard hats are a requirement at the mill... And I'm trying to get away from the girlish pouting thing I tend to do when I'm trying to get out of the boy-like stuff that is sometimes required of me. It's a tad unprofessional. So instead voicing my inner thoughts (Oh but that will ruin my hair!) I sucked it up and put on my hard hat...) I only had it on for about 10 minutes, so hopefully it didn't damage my perfectly imperfect hairdo...I've been listing to the mix all day at work to get pumped up and make sure it all sounds all right. I'm pretty proud of it, and I think even my mixmaster friend Hail would be proud as well (Hi Hail!). It's a great combination of classic rock, regular rock, old old rap, techno dance crazyness, 90's pop, some newish punk stuff, and of course the current hits. Oh yeah, and jock jams. I threw in a few country songs that I know only I will appreciate, and will probably be skipped over, but who knows?

And final arrangements have been made. I am leaving work around 3:40 and picking up Courtney at the train station. We will then proceed make the dumb move of leaving for the Jersey shore, at rush hour, on the Friday memorial day weekend. The ride is usually a little less then 2 hours, and I'm hoping it won't take us more then 4...

I would promise fun fashionable picture, but I still don't have a camera. So, no fun pictures for you. I'll do my best to describe everything vividly and wittily. (Ok, so I thought I made wittily up, but unfortunately it's a real word.)

Hope everyone has a peaceful, safe, amazing, awesome weekend! Posting will resume Monday if you're lucky, but more likely on Tuesday.

Peace and good traffic karma*,


*and I know that no amount of good karma is going to help with the impending traffic situation, but I had to throw it in there....

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