everyone loves a sale

Plus, it gives me something pretty to look at on my lunch break...

I only checked out the 30% off stuff (so far) but there were a few winners:

Here is the Seven Jean Roxanne Crop. They're black, if you couldn't tell. I'm not sure what drew me to them... I'm not usually a black cropped pant kinda gal. But I can see how they would become useful in the summer if I ever got tired of wearing dresses (however unlikely that is).

They are down from $170 to $120.40. But then of course I would need black summer wedges, which I really don't have time or money for... Not to mention shirts to wear with them, seeing as how my closet consists mainly of dresses. It's like giving a mouse a cookie.

(ps - Don't her shoes looks extremely painful? Her poor toes look so squished...)

And here we have the Airliner Jacquard Magazine Clutch from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I saw this clutch awhile ago and I really like it. I don't really like blatant advertising on my purses but you can't really tell it says Marc Jacobs all over it until you get up pretty close...So I would just have to keep my distance from, well, everyone in order to maintain my mysterious-I-don't-care-for-name-brands exterior.

But it's so pretty and sophisticated. I am seriously considering jumping on the giant clutch bandwagon (anything that's good enough for MK is good enough for me).

A lot of cute shoes, and since I don't feel like importing any more pictures (it's semi challenging and annoying to get them to look how you want), I'll just link to them. In a neat little list.

1. Paul & Joe Libra Multi Wedge Sandal (7 of 10)

2. Marc by MJ Banded Multicolor Sandal (9 of 10)
And yes these are the same ones I've mentioned about a million times, I should probably just shut up and buy them

3. Tashkent by Cheyenne Sanchez Metallic Linen Sandal (10 of 10)
Perfection in shoe form

Finally, the most reasonable/likely purchase of the bunch. This adorable little white dress is the Caitlin Short Sleeve Dress by Velvet. Originally $108, now on sale for $75.60. It's a cute shape and I loooove the back. I would be kinda nervous about the length. It says it's 33" long, whatever that means. It looks quite short on that model but of course she probably has a good 5" on me (hey, if it was too short maybe I could wear it with those black Seven crop pants... no, no, no, I'm just going through sale disillusionment..) Plus, it has pockets!

Courtney, when you buy this, you should totally tell everyone it's real vintage and you found it for like 35 cents at some Salvation Army.

There is a lot of wintery stuff, a ton of grey, wool, long sleeves, silk... Stuff that would have been perfection about 3 months ago, but I guess that's why it's a sale...

Peace and black cropped pants (should I get them?),


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