summer style

I got many a compliment this weekend on my extensive summer attire, but I still feel as if it's a bit incomplete. Here is what I need:

Life would be easier if shopbop accepted handmade paint pictures as currency.

Marc by MJ Cut Paper Posy Dress

An easy transition from day to evening (aka No Shower Happy Hour)

A Peace Treaty Shehri Handkerchief Scarf

For those chillier days on the beach...when you want to be covered up by something that costs $121.

Diane von Furstenberg Dani Dress

omg How adorable would this lovely thing look with the shoes! It's like they were made for each other...

lisli Swarovski Drape Dress

Can you be casual and elegant at the same time? lisli says yes! Maybe with the lobster necklace? Yeah? Maybe?

Elizabeth and James Petunia Dress

Oh MK why do you tease me with your adorable $325 dresses??

True Religion Bobby Jean

I don't even know why I want these jeans considering I wear dresses at every available moment. But they are cute. Plus I'm over light summery denim.

Virginia Johnson Giant Tote

Adorable little sailboats everywhere. It's also in yellow! Love it.

Tibi Oaxocan Embroidery 3/4 Sleeve Dress

Long name for such a short dress. More of a beach cover up, I think. Another easy day to night transition piece.

Mike & Chris Keller Leather Jacket

Maybe not shore attire, but this would look pretty freaking cool over practically any of the dresses. Namely the Elizabeth and James one... With boots. If only I had approx $1500 to spend on ONE OUTFIT...

Gara Danielle Hammered Cuff

Love the turquoise look of this metal cuff. They have it in silver and black (oh, gunmetal, sorry) but this is definitely the prettiest of the bunch. Plus it's not totally outrageous at $74.

L.A.M.B. Shoes Gala Woven Crisscross Sandal

I know, I know, how many times have I mentioned this shoe? Well, maybe only once. But I've thought about it like a million. I think I remember seeing a fairly identical cheap knockoff somewhere but I can't recall where. Who knew summer and metallic mixed so well? Like Jager and redbull...

Foley + Corinna Handbags Side Saddle Pouch

I've been on the lookout for a purse with a long strap like this one. Bonus, the strap is completely adjustable so it can be shortened to a.. shorter shoulder bag or ...one you hold with you hand. Wow, that was a seriously awful description. I apologize. Sadly I can't even think of a better way to describe what I was trying to say.

Kenneth Jay Lane Snake Pendant Necklace

This is the closest necklace I've found to my adorable giant gold lobster necklace. This one is not quite so gaudy and old lady-ish, so it's really not as appealing...

Charlotte Ronson Shoes Zoe Platform Wedge Sandal

I've been seeing this shoe all over the place. Should I take that as a sign and just get them? I don't want to make the DKNY's mad though....

Kerri Wilder Peace Ring

Ug, I hate peace signs. I'm really more of a violent, vengeful kinda gal. Hippies are dirty losers.

Mayle Mariachi Sun Bag

Yeah, so I was kidding about that whole hippie thing, if you couldn't tell.

Kerri Wilder Buddah Cuff

I miss yoga. OK, I guess I don't miss it that much or I would do it more. I miss saying that I do yoga and having the only thing in my trunk be my yoga mat.

Alica + Olivia Crochet Ombre Dress

Crochet AND Ombre!!?? Can't get any better then that.

(All pics from shopbop.com)

Peace and fake shopping sprees,


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