9 miles

I woke up this morning and ran 9 miles. Outside. With no headphones. It was pretty awesome. We went down to Philly and did the loop around the Art Museum and Boat House Row. It was really pretty and the weather was perfect. It almost made me miss rowing. Almost. Then I came home and slept until dinner. All in all, a pretty nice and relaxing day.

This time next week, I will probably be chugging lemonades and borderline blackout at Sunday happy hour down the shore. I can't believe it's less then a week away! Last night Courtney and I (how 'bout that grammar) went to BJs to stock up on essentials (700 solo cups, industrial sized crystal lite packets for the vat, giant canister of pretzels, toilet paper..). It's all sitting out in my car. This is going to be one looooooong week at work (expect a lot of updates because I'm going to be pretty antsy). I am going down to Delaware Monday after work to stock up on discounted tax free booze. I am getting a detoxing pedicure on Tuesday night (which should be pretty interesting..). I am getting my hair cut and colored on Thursday. What a jam packed week. There probably won't be much time for shopping or anything fashion related (good thing I have about 7 dresses in my closet with the tags on them still). But somehow I always manage to make time...

I picked up some pretty things at the mall on Saturday with Rachel. Oh! I'm going to Polyvore them, get excited.

The dress and the jewelry is from Urban Outfitters. How cool is the back of that freaking dress? The print is adorable too. Haven't figured the bra situation out yet.... My friend Rachel said this was the dress she saw online and wanted but they didn't have it in her size. So I was like duh, try it on here (she didn't care for my printed version but they had a lovely purple color) and she was like no, it's too bright for me. Too bright? Oh just try it on! I think I might have yelled at her. I pretty much try on anything I think is pretty regardless of the color, style, or shape cause why not? I don't understand when people automatically think they won't like something on a hanger. You really have no idea until you try it on. Anyway long story short, she tried it on and bought it (I'm pretty sure) so fashion horizons were expanded. You're welcome.

Both of the shoes are Blowfish from DSW. They are kind of similar in concept (flat, white...) but I couldn't decide between the 2 (ok, I could decide but I just wanted them both anyway). I figure I can wear the pair on the left to work with jeans and an adorable blouse. And I can wear the pair on the right to work.. with jeans.. and an adorable blouse... when I'm feeling saucy (btw they are called Swiss Cheese which I thought was adorable, how could I resist?). I was wearing jean shorts at the mall when I was trying them on and I def felt like Amy Winehouse, minus the beehive.. and the crack addiction.

Peace and Sunday happy hour lemonades,


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