In my daily blog reading yesterday (which consists of scrolling down DaddyLikey and reading everything she tells me to) I came across not one but two entries about the site Polyvore. Taking this as a sign, I visited the site and created an account (thefashionhead, duh). What another fantastic waste of time! It's just lovely. Basically its a place where you can build fashion collages. They have pictures of tons of items of clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. Plus you can import your own pictures. So you just search for what you like and drag them onto the screen where you create your set. You can play with backgrounds and words and photos. It's pretty neat. I am annoyed that thumbnails of the items are so darn small but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I've been busy wasting a lot of time building pretty collages of pretty clothes that I own or would like to own. I made a day to night look and a tie dye collage. Hopefully I'll have them ready to show off soon. Some people have made some AMAZINGLY creative beautiful artistic sets. Check it out!

Yesterday I went to the food store after the gym (best idea if you want to buy all healthy foods) and I bought dried fruit and it's delicious! I don't know why I was so scared of trying it. How silly of me. It's like candy you don't feel bad about eating (if you ever felt bad about eating candy...). Also I went to the gym this morning. Yes, this morning. Meaning I have already accomplished more this morning then I usually do all day.

Today I wore my everlasting summer tank to work under my flowy gap blouse. And my coral octopus necklace. I look pretty adorable.

Peace and polyvore-ing,


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