sad face

Sad face, indeed. I got an email from the ladies over at Hautelook saying that there was too much traffic on their site during the Jovovich Hawk sale and my dress that I already paid for is actually sold out. So I am not in fact the proud owner of an adorable polka-dot Jovovich Hawk dress. They're giving me my money back plus a $20 store credit which was very nice of them. I decided to comfort myself/celebrate being $200 richer today by stopping by Anthropologie. Good move. It is an unbelievable store, by far my most favorite clothing store. Like, ever. Of all time. I always find at least 11 things to try on and usually I have more trouble deciding what not to buy. Today was no exception. I tried on a ton of stuff and somehow narrowed it down to 3 pieces. For some reason I can't figure out how to get Anthro pictures into the blog, so links will have to do.

First I got this Odille floral skirt because it's just so pretty. Not sure how I'm going to wear it yet. It's pretty high waisted and since I'm so short it's also pretty long so I think I'm going to go with a plain tucked in shirt. I'm not usually a fan of the tucking but I feel like an untucked shirt would make it pretty shapeless. We'll see. Isn't it just beautiful though?

Then I decided on this jersey tank top by RicRac. It's Ella Moss-ish but fairly cheaper. I love the colors. It just reminded me of summer the moment I saw it. Coincidently, it's called the Everlasting Summer Tank. Just a few more weeks until the shore!!

I had stalked out this dress since the fall (I think). It's not on the website but its a black white grey feather print dress with a green belt. It finally went on sale. It's a little fall/winter-ish but I think it could easily transition into springtime with the right shoes. I'm pretty much going to wear it not matter how well it transitions...

And the honorable mentions....

This lovely Ella Moss dress. Its cute but too ...stripy. And it kinda looks like something I could get for like a quarter of the price by someone not as lovely as Ella...

What a beautiful summer dress. It kinda looked strange on. I think it might have been static cling-y. Plus where would I wear something like that?

Loved the color of this tank. The straps were kinda strange. Too billow-y.

Almost almost almost got this one. So summer-y and cute. Plus it goes along with my new crisscross strap obsession... In between sizes. Wah.

Tried to pick up some jewelry but I couldn't really find anything I liked enough to spend that kind of money on. Instead, I online shopped at Forever21 and found a few cute items.

Boy do I love leafs. Couldn't decide between the silver and gold but hey, when they're only $10 you can go crazy and get both. And oh I don't know, LAYER THEM. So adorable.

Pretttty earrrrrings. Mmm coral. I have apparently abandoned my search for posts....

I can't wait to 17,245,237 necklaces at once. Layers, baby, layers.

Channeling MK with the giant rings. On every finger. All this for $46? Can't beat it with a stick.

Peace and cheap jewelry,


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