ask and you shall recieve...

Yesterday's post got me thinking about that glorious Ink LeSportSac print. I decided to give it one more search on Google. Aaaannnd jackpot. I found a bunch of different versions of the Ink print on ebay. Most of them were from seller Handbag Headquarters. And, score, I found the large weekender in the Ink! I would have probably preferred the extra large weekender just so I could pack more crap but I wasn't about to be picky. The bag was up for auction but there was an option to just buy it and skip the whole bidding thing (I haven't used ebay in years...). I didn't really feel like taking any chances plus I also didn't want to wait for the end of the auction so I just bought it instead of bid. So then I got the confirmation 'You have purchased your item' or whatever. And then I tried to pay for it. Tried being the key word here. I had forgotten both my ebay and paypal user names and passwords. So once I retrieved both of them, I tried to pay for the bag on ebay. I kept getting this message about needing to confirm my address or something. I would click the link and my address would show up, but there weren't any other options. So I did that a few times... Then I found an option to pay through the paypal sight. So I tried that, entered in my credit card info and my address, and then I kept getting the message that the credit card info I had entered was already saved under my account, and I'm like YEAH, cause that's my credit card. But it wouldn't let me continue. I think I tried other things too, like adding a credit card to my paypal account, then deleting it, then adding it again. I was going in circles and it was really annoying plus at this point I was late for the gym. I wrote a little note to the seller, something like 'Please don't sell my bag, I am really trying hard to pay for it. Really. I promise.' So after the gym, I went back to try again. I ended up having to enter 2 different credit cards into the paypal website and it finally went through. The bag was $98.99 which is how much the large weekenders usually cost anyway, plus the sales tax and shipping. After I figured out the dumb payment procedure I was able to celebrate the Ink bag!

Here are the pictures from the seller's sight. I had forgotten what the pattern actually looked like, I just remember that I really liked it. I'm a big fan of tattoo inspired prints and skulls especially. I'm really excited to get it. And it comes with a little makeup bag! Bonus! Although I'm a little nervous because I just got my Victoria's Secret bathing suit, and I am currently expecting the Lucky suit (seriously, Lucky?), the Jovovich Hawk dress, and now this and my parents get nervous when I start to get package in the mail everyday...

More good news: you can now buy shoes from DSW.com. Good move, DSW. They don't have all the brands online (Michael Kors was the first I noticed, and they only have men's shoes under Steve Madden) that are in the store but they have a pretty good selection.

Next mission: cute post earrings that I can wear day to day. I think I may have to make my first etsy purchase because they had a ton of really adorable posts earrings (pictures .. later .. tonight, maybe ... or tomorrow). Also I am looking for headbands that look like this:

I haven't looked but I'm sure etsy will have something like that. It's going to be a bohemian inspired summer.

Peace and bohemia,


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