who can resist 15% off?

So like I mentioned before, Bloomingdales so generously sent me a 15% off coupon. On Friday night I headed over there. Lucky for me, the winter stuff is all on sale. The spring stuff is beautiful but I'm not done with winter yet. It's still cold out, people! I tried on a ton of stuff and I ended up with two dresses for my reunion in Chicago next weekend. I can't find a pic of the French Connection dress I got, it's pretty adorable plus it was on sale. It's grey on the bottom with a green top. Here is a picture of the Ella Moss dress I picked up. I really love her and all of her things but this is the first thing I've ever bought by her. The dress here is shown in yellow to show the detail but I got it in black. It's cute and simple and I think it will be easy to wear in winter and into spring. I plan on wearing it with my Blowfish boots and stockings on the plane to Chicago and maybe out Friday night. As if that wasn't enough damage on my Bloomingdale's card, I headed upstairs to browse the shoes. In the sale selection, I found these awesome Marc Jacob maryjanes that I had tried on before but they weren't the right size. Well it much have been my lucky day because woo! they had them in my size. I actually wore them last night and they were only mildly uncomfortable and once I got to drinking, I couldn't feel any discomfort at all (or at least I don't remember feeling any...). I wore them with my skinny jeans and I totally felt like Nicole Ritchie. Here is a picture, are they not totally adorable? Plus they were MAJORLY on sale (basically it ended up to be about 70% off, and nobody in their right minds could pass that up). I left Blooms and headed over to Nordstrom because I basically haven't been able to stop thinking about those Ed Hardy sunglasses I tried on last time. They still had them (the crazy salespeople always try to make it seem like those are the last pair and if I don't buy them immediately they will be gone forever). And I ended up getting them in black. Here they are in brown. They are the most shall I say understated glasses of the Ed Hardy bunch. No rhinestones or sparkles. They have denim on the sides with skulls and hearts and they say 'Love Kills Slowly'. Plus the case it comes in is super cool. I think I'm set for my Chicago trip, but I might hit up Anthropologie today just to make sure.

Peace and MaryJanes,


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Emily said...

sunglasses are phenom... and I love Ella. She's truly my favorite... Thank God we sell her, haha.
When I have more money, we'll shop soon. Promise!