life decisions

So. I am officially a fashion marketing student. I just have to fill out some financial aid stuff and I'm done. Classes start March 31st! I am really excited about it. I have to take 2 classes to get financial aid. I hope I'll have enough time for everything. I can't imagine the classes being that hard/time consuming. We'll see. So far it looks like I'll be taking 'Textiles and Fabrics' and 'Business Operations'. I had my 'interview' Tuesday. I brought tights and a black dress to get changed into. (I figured greasy jeans and dirty sneakers wouldn't make a very good fashionable impression.) But of course I forgot my BOOTS. Gr. I took the train in and rushed over to Steve Madden and pretty much picked up the first pair of gray boots on sale I came across. They're actually pretty adorable and hopefully the will be more then just an impulse buy. ANYWAY, on the way to Steve, I passed Loehmann's, Burberry, Coach, Lucky, Max Studio, BCBG, Urban, and JCrew. Good thing I didn't have any time to really shop, I could have done some damage.

So no fashion updates, just the school stuff. I must concentrate more on the Project Runway finale now so I'm off.

Peace and fierceness,


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