target (that's tar-jay)

Hola chicas. Or chicos, I guess. Real quick. I hit up Target tonight out of boredom plus I haven't been there in awhile. It was pretty disappointing but I did pick up this dress.

Its the linen border dress by Mossimo. I'm pretty pumped to wear it down the shore this summer. It's nice and casual and flowy and it has a great color scheme.

I've been in the market for leathery strappy sandals for the summer. Here is a picture of the Mossimo ones from Targ (the Piper flats). They're pretty adorable and basically what I am looking for but I know how attached I am to the unbelievable comfort of my Rainbows so its hard to take a risk on anything else. (Especially when they're from Target and $18. I guess that's not really a lot but it seemed like it at the time). Plus they kind of made my tattoo look a little strange and cut off so I guess I'll keep looking...

Alright, it's bedtime. I have my entrance interview for the fashion marketing program at the Art Institute tomorrow (eep!) so I'm getting to bed early. I am not nervous for the interview so much as I am for the train ride down. I'm really pretty awful at public transportation.

Peace and good luck,


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