playing in chicago

I just got back from Chicago from a fantastic reunion with my Lehigh ladies. There was a lot of reminiscing, dancing, and drinking. All in all it was a fantastically awesome amazing time. I gave all of them the beer tab necklaces I made and they were a HUGE success. (I'll have to try to get some pics of my version up here. I'm awful with cameras.) As far as jewelry design goes, I'm pretty much a minor celebrity in the suburbs of Chicago. Most of my friends wore them the entire weekend and we got a lot of compliments (obv cause we're totally hot, but I'd like to think the necklaces helped). As for general Chicago style, it mainly includes hats, coats, scarfs, and big huge jackets. Oh and beards. Most fashion trends were functional because of the FREEZING cold weather, I guess. Functionality isn't really my thing. (Although I did buy the coolest hat from Free People right before we left which was adorable and bohemian and floppy and knit and perfect. Bonus, it actually kept my head warm.) Apparently my friends share the same belief because most of them spent the entire weekend in heels even though there was a dangerous amount of ice on the ground. Amazingly there were ZERO falls (well there weren't any I can remember at least...)

Back to fashion... We stopped at the Loehmann's of Chicago Sunday afternoon on our way to the art museum. They had a fanta
stic selection of bags. We did not have nearly enough time for me to venture anywhere else in the store so I just stuck with the bags. They had the L.A.M.B. 'signature Carslisle convertible clutch tote' that I so desired but unfortunately it was still like $345 (and in the wrong color). Seriously, Gwen Stefini? Seriously.

Anyway I came across the Michael Kor's wicker clutch that I had seen before in Bloomingdales. I'll admit that the Kate Spade version is cuter but I'll settle for less expensive Kors version any day.

Good news, it was seriously discounted and it's not even close to spring/summer yet. I'm not even sure why Lohemann's had it. Bad news, I spend my summer at the Jersey shore and I'm probably going to look like a jackass carrying this straw bag around. Tragedy. I'll just pretend I'm at some fancy European resort.

Peace and beards,


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