shoes, shoes, shoes

I've been on a bit of a shoe kick lately (no pun intended). Here are a few of my new favorites:They are the Chelsea shoes by none other then the lovely Betsey Johnson. I can't tell why I like them so much. I think the combination of colors is delightful and they would really make a plain outfit stand out. Skinny jeans and a little black dress, perhaps? They just make me smile. There are next on my To Buy list.

So green is my favorite color and I tend to gravitate towards anything green. Pair a nice spring green with navy blue, and I'm hooked. That's why I really love these 'Vanessa' geo-print espadrille wedges. They'r
e from Banana Republic.
I'm not too into Banana as a store in general. I don't wear business casual clothes to work so their stuff doesn't really fit into my wardrobe. But these colorful shoes caught my eye. I tried these babies on and unfortunately they were a tad too high for my comfort and I almost twisted an ankle on the short walk to the mirror. But hey, if you're into a super high platforms go for it. They're so freaking cute.

Alright, alright I know I'm having green overload here. But these Cole Haan shoes come in a variety of colors if you're not as obsessed with green as I am (the lemon snake is lovely, for example).

They're called the Aurora Air Sling. Cole paired up with Nike to create more cushion-y shoes. Sounds good to me. I'll have to try these on sometime...

That's enough for now. Off to the le gym.

Peace and pumps,


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