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Obviously, I get a TON of people asking me for fashion advice. It's practically impossible to answer all of the questions here, but for you, my loyal fans, I try to tackle the more important fashion queries.

Laura K of Dirty Jerz writes:
"I'm in search of the perfect espadrille shoe. One that will not only look adorable, but is easy to walk in and cheap enough so that I can buy multiple pairs because I know I will destroy them this summer. Please help, you fashion goddess you!"

Good question, Laur. Now this is probably not your problem personally, but I know a few of my friends tend to drink too much, stumble, and sometimes even fall (gracefully, of course). So stability is obviously of the utmost
importance. Comfort ranks at a close second. Hey, if they're not comfortable, you won't wear them. Price comes in a far third. So here I go, doing some homework.

Personally, I need to be strapped into high shoes pretty tightly or else I won't be able to walk properly. My personal preference would be either a sling back or ankle strap version. I don't really like the tie up ones, they tend to be pretty uncomfortable. So my picks are going to be pretty biased. I think white is a delightful summer shoe color, but for the purpose of looking pretty, I'll try to use colorful examples.

Here is the Calistaa yellow patent T-strap espadrille by Steve Madden. T-straps are just adorable. Steve Madden shoes are usually pretty comfortable. The height looks wearable. I only wish it were in yellow linen or some fabric other then patent. It's $89.95.
Here is another option. They're by Jessica Simpson. They are the 'Guama' wedge sandal. This pair is $79. They're cute, nothing super special really. They come in black and white also. They seem like a good height as well. Maybe if they made your legs look like Jessica's, then they would have something there.

I couldn't really find many other cute options online at the moment. BUT! Check out SteveMadden.com and go to the design your own section because they have a TON of different kinds of espadrilles (for example, DYO Ligerr, Cougerr, and Jaguarr.) ranging from $90 to $100. My favorite would be the DYO Ligerr. It could be dressy or casual depending on how you designed it.

New mission: finding adorable green sneakers for my all day St. Patty's celebration next Saturday.

Peace and Espadrilles,


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