getting schooled/updates

So I've been toying with the idea of going back to school for fashion marketing. I can't decide if I would rather have a boring job, lots of money, and fantastic clothes OR take a (significant) pay cut, and get more involved in the fashion industry. I went to an open house at the Art Institute of Philadelphia this afternoon for their fashion marketing program. Readers let me tell you, these classes sound fantastic. I get excited just reading their descriptions (much more then I ever felt towards any of my advanced physics or electromagnetic classes). Intro to Retailing discusses consumer behavior, store locations and operations, and retail strategy. There's a class called fashion show production! You study merchandising, buying, business, and marketing as it relates to fashion. I was hoping to keep my day job and take a few night courses to see how it goes but unfortunately they do not offer many night options. So this plan is being put on the back burner until I decide it is really something I would like to pursue and start saving money for it.

As for my little website I have enrolled two of my friends to become contributing editors in hopes of making the site more well rounded and you won't be subjected to my sometimes odd but always fashionable choices. Courtney is planning on doing a resort wear (highly nautical) column in the near future and Emily buys new fantastic things every day with her mad crazy discounts (she works for the hallowed Anthropologie) so I'm sure she'll have fun stuff to write about soon.

Peace and life altering decision making,


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