yo quiero...

The weather forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday said its supposed to be mid 60's. Mid 60's! As if I needed more reminders of spring, as if the resort stuff out and the spring previews weren't enough. I got a 15% Bloomingdales coup in the mail today (my paycheck will get here just in time) so I've decided to do a little 'Yo quiero' for spring post. Mostly, I am really desiring the the entire Tory Burch shoe collection. Somehow I have managed to narrow it down to only two pairs. First I choose the classic Reva nappa leather ballet flat in Grass Green (shown on left). I absolutely love the color and I think it looks great with the gold logo. I think it's such a fun spring shoe option. I already own the Reva patent leather ballet flat in black with the black logo which are great for going out/dressing up an outfit but I am feeling the need for a more colorful/less shiny version. Second, I've actually wanted the patent Thora thong (right) for quite some time now but I haven't found a place in my budget for sandles just yet. I'm leaning towards the white just so I could wear them constantly and never ever take them off my feet but they too have some great color options.

I think white jeans try to come back in style each spring/summer. This year I think I am going to choose to embrace them. Well, maybe not ALL of them. But I definitely enjoy this pair from True Religion. There are just so many things about this pant that I love; the yellow stitching, the wide leg, the big hem. They make it look really comfortable and casual. I can see myself wearing them a lot down the shore this summer with flip flops and nice flowy summery shirts. And they're only $172 on shopbop.com which is a surprisingly low price for True Relig's.

Spring makes me think of summer and summer makes me thing of the shore and the shore makes me think of bathing suits and bathing suits make me think of HOLY CRAP BATHING SUITS. So I'm going to end this quiero post and head over to the gym.

Peace and the revival of white denim,


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