new fall trend:


Accoring to an email from Victorias Secret.

Oh thank god pants are back this fall. I get so chilly wearing my shorts in November.


Peace and stupid emails,



lack of posts

I know I haven't been around much. This past weekend was Labor day and our last weekend down the shore (sad face). It was an amazing awesome super fun relitavly drama and fight free last weekend. I took off work last Friday and headed down Thursday night. On Friday afternoon, the weather was kind of crappy so me and my friend checked out the Atlantic City outlets. They were all kinda blah except for the BCBG. AHH MAZING. The whole first room was filled with pretty dresses at highly discounted prices. The other room was all lovely separates and more business-y outfits. I got a strapless flowy dress, a polka dot tank top (which now I regret because it looks really weird on..), a brown silk shirt (I have it in teal from last year at full price and I wore it constantly last winter, so I had to get it in another color) and this really pretty navy blue short sleeved dress for going out in the winter.

The rest of the weekend was filled with eating homemade healthy Mexican food, dancing like idiots, taking boat rides, laying on the beach and drinking all sorts of delicious and not so delicious drinks (note: a Twisted Tea with a shot of flavored vodka may taste amazing, but don't drink more then 2 (or 1 to be safe)). We spent all day Monday cleaning the house, which ended up looking pretty great. Hopefully we'll get some of that security deposit back... so we can put it towards a pretty house on the bay next summer.

I was completly ready for summer to be over, mainly because I am excited to get back into a normal exercising schedule and honestly, drinking both weeknd nights is kind of exhausting, not to mention I always felt sick and unhealthy. Wow that was a long sentence. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful summer and I'm already signed up for next year, but I think it came to an end at a good time for me. Anyways, while I am ready for fall I will definitely miss the shore house and the people in it and going out and dancing a lot. But it will be nice to not have to live out of my car and to maybe get to the gym a few more nights a week that I have been.

This week I've just been busy with work and catching up on my sleeping. My car is a mess, it is filled with all my summer clothes plus all the other random stuff I had down the shore. My room is also a mess from the lovely Wardrobe challenge (still going on by the way, what are we on? Day 4? Updates to come). I need to get my life in order, so the postings will probably be minimal, unless I find some great stuff to share.

Oh yeah and I'm running a half marathon in ooohhhh 2 week and a half weeks. Crap.

Peace and getting back on track,