shopping extravaganza

So my fashion fast has FINALLY ended and yesterday I spent the majority of the day shopping. I met some of my college ladies at King of Prussia and let's just say it was a very successful trip. This new stuff from Juicy not only has a nautical theme (love) but also beautiful colors, mainly green, yellow, and blue (love love). I picked up this lovely printed jersey A-Line in green (shown here in blue; much cuter in green if you ask me...). It's definitely not a cold weather outfit but it makes me so excited for the spring and summer!!

Check out these hot sexy black heels from Steven by Steve Madden. I saw these and I knew immediately I would have to have them. I actually wore them out this weekend with my skinny jeans and my teal Betsey Johnson polka dot flowy dress thingy. They were about as comfortable as heel that high can be. You're pretty strapped in there so they were easy to walk in and I only almost fell twice (a record for me, I tend to fall alot. )

At the end of the day we left the mall to hit up Antropologie (my new favorite store). They have a whole freaking collection of nautical themed clothing which I love. I had originally planned on getting this red Coxswain cardigan. It's pretty adorable with little anchors all over it and a large blue anchor on the front, but it's a tad bold and expensive for everyday wear.

Instead I went with the more shall I say understated Aye Aye Cartigan with sailboats all over it. I like it because its a little longer and baggier and much softer (ahhh...) not to mention a tad cheaper then the Coxswain.

So it was pretty successful. I also made some other fashion decisions: 1. I tried on the Ed Hardy 'Love Kills Slowly' sunglasses at Nordstrom and LOVED them so I have decided to buy them with my next paycheck. What I have no decided is to get them in black or brown. Since they are so bold, I will also need another pair of sunglasses for everyday wear and those will be either in black or brown (whichever color I don't pick for the Hardy's obv). 2. I found this gorgeous Via Spiga brown tweed coat at Loehmans for about a million percent off the orignal price but for some reason I did not immediatly buy it. Still can't figure that one out but it was for the best since we had our first shore payment due today. Still thinking about going back and picking that up (after the next paycheck, of course.) 3. I need to stop buying so many beautiful things...

Peace and sailboats,


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Courtney said...

Ah, nautical. Looks like we won't be escaping the spring without at least one or two items that embrace this fantastic theme (as a lover of all things preppy this is a theme i can really get "on board" with. Lame, i know.) Look forward to my upcoming entry on the newest resort wear and the 5 things i will be basing my summer wardrobe around.