fashion risks

So at work today I got a text from my friend Emily telling me about some fabulous items at Nordstrom Rack, the discount version of the fab department store. I decided to stop by on the way home. I had banned myself from spending money this weekend so good thing it's only Thursday.

They had some pretty good stuff, I tried on some True Religion and Joe's jeans but I decided against it. I had a lovely grey Juicy cardigan in my hands while I was checking out the bag selection. Not much there except for this adorable bag from Kooba. I had always shied away from this brand before because I thought the name was a tad silly (not to mention it's a little out of my price range). So when I saw the price tag was almost 75% off the original $675, I ditched the cardigan pretty quickly. Here is a picture of the bag. I had to leave mine out in the car so my parents wouldn't know that I was shopping and I have to admit it's even more gorgeous then I remember from a few hours ago.

It's the embossed python Paige bag. Adorable.

Peace and purple pythons,


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Emily said...

Girlfriend, the rack is FAB. Love love. Granted, it's predominantly last season, but I'm not scared... I love designers way too much. In fact, I saw this cute Juicy pet carrier I was thinking of picking up for the princess.
lovely and fantabulous. My point? The rack rocks.